NCIS Season 10 Premiere: First Photo!

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When NCIS returns for its 10th season, the team will have its hands full picking up the pieces, literally and otherwise. The main characters' lives may have been spared, but the impact will be wide-ranging.

How bad will it be? According to myriad psychological issues, the building is in ruins.

This photo from the season premiere, which EW posted earlier, offers our first visual:

Abby NCIS Season Premiere Photo

Executive producer Gary Glasberg says the opener will be an intense, edge-of-your-seat installment: “It literally picks up two hours after the explosion, and it’s an action-packed episode of television."

"I packed a lot in there,” he adds. “It’s an emotional roller coaster, and it’s all about the manhunt for Harper Dearing (Richard Schiff). It gets really personal between Gibbs and Dearing.”

"Extreme Prejudice" airs Tuesday, September 25.

To clear up any confusion, the entire cast will return for NCIS Season 10, with Michael Weatherly, Perrette and Sean Murray agreeing to terms on new two-year contracts earlier this summer.

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Okay Tony has been uncovered before - remember when Director Shepard had him go out with Jean to get close to her father. There has been a lot of shows in which each team member was for say totaly about them. What about McGee when the guy was killing off people he knew and also killed Abby? Tony when he partner for this cop days was killed. Ziva when she stayed with her dad. Abby when she had a stalker. Kate I believe is the only one that didn't have a show centered around her. Not unless you count the first one which it showed how she came about coming to NCIS.


I hate the Jamie Lee Curtis character and I am definitely tired of looking at her boobs. As for her relationship with Gibbs, it is a farce. She lies and manipulates and condenscends and Gibbs would never be with someone who puts his team in danger. She sat back and let Tony and Ziva go to Columbia without giving them a clue what they were walking into because SHE needed information. I would almost bet she is a bad, bad guy who have given information to Deering and others. And, her snarky kids needs to learn some manners. Gibbs should move on from Shannon, but not with this blatant attempt at making him look like an idiot.


I freking love ncis


The one I would like to see more about their history is Tim. We know practically nothing about him. I do not think the relationship with Gibbs and Jamie Lee Curtis has any chemistry They dont seem compatible.


Jamie Lee Curtis is a very good actress. It sounds like most have never seen her work from "our" generation and would relate to my statement. That said, there is something about her character and Mark Harmon's that just does not present the on-screen chemistry found in the rest of the show. Tell me if you agree, one thing her character is deceptive in every segment. This is one trait that Gibbs has a rule for and I feel this is the main break in the on-screen chemistry and believe-ability of their fictional sparks. I (personally) can not fault JLC for this, but it is something the show should revisit. I do not see Gibbs involved with anyone he cannot fully trust. It is like mixing oil and water, they just never come together. If the folks at NCIS are "listening" and if not I hope someone would share my thoughts.


I for one love NCIS. I for one am tired of the "end-of-season" character "kill-off" they have been running for some time. When this last season ended, I remember saying out loud, "Here we go again, another cast member kill-off." For some reason "Hollywood" or whatever today thinks this keeps the show(s) fresh. Unfortunately, killing as many characters off in NCIS greatly impacts the real life people who actually do the jobs portrayed. I live in the geographic realm portrayed in the series. I often laugh at how a particular area is shown - nothing even close to the screen image. I grew up with the Pentagon, CIA, Fort Belvoir, Quantico, FBI, Secret Service, NSA, Norfolk NAS, Langeley, etc. as friends and neighbors. One of me best friends was CIA, though her death was from cancer, not employment. Yes their jobs are on the edge of the knife, but there are not that many fatalities in the last 20-years as portrayed in this series. For me it is becoming a bit tiring, it does not increase my loyalty to the show, nor does it provide justice for those that perform the roles as shown in the series. David McCallum first caught my eye in 'The Great Escape', released to screen in 1963. My Dad took me to see the film as I was a bit young to go alone. From that point forward I have enjoyed his many cinematic roles. To lose David (or Ducky) will be the end of the show. The fabric that builds Gibbs, Duckie, Tony, Abbey, McGee, Ziva and Duckie's relationship would be greatly torn and very hard to back-fill if "we" lost one of them.


Jamie Lee Curtis is beautiful and very sexy. I think she and Gibbs are a good match. I would like to see them go undercover as a couple. Both their characters are so alpha that they compliment and respect each other. I think anyone who is with Gibbs would find it daunting to say the least to just try and keep pace with him. She does it well and is a definite plus to the show as a character and as a cast member.


I doubt that we'll ever see Tony undercover again unless Ziva is along to show him how it's done. The writers never let Tony do anything that upstages Ziva or Gibbs anymore.


i would love to see tim go undercover on a case like tony did when he was hunting down la grenouille.


I would like to see some story about Tony that gives him back some of the cool and competence. i agree that his whole mid life crisis story is something of a yawn and was mostly played as more humiliation humor, which I am completely sick of. I'd love to see Tony go undercover and be portrayed as brave, clever, and competent. Last season, all three undercover episodes featured Ziva, who can only play herself. MW is versatile and before SB took over we got to see some great episodes where he got to play different character types. It would be so much fun to see him in an undercover episode, and the writers could still use him for humor. Just not the self humiliation variety for a change.