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NCIS Season 10 Premiere Pics: The Manhunt Is On

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The manhunt is on for Harper Dearing in the Season 10 premiere of NCIS.

After the terrorist's bomb rocked the Navy yard and decimated the team's headquarters, the emotionally and physically distraught team must pick up the pieces and hunt for the elusive suspect.

Richard Schiff returns as Harper Dearing, a foe who struck with almost unprecedented force in last season’s cliffhanger finale, sparking a cross-agency manhunt for the vengeful criminal mastermind.

Below are a few pictures released by CBS offering us a glimpse of the first NCIS Season 10 episode. Joe Spano guest stars as Tobias Fornell. Click to enlarge and comment below ...

  • Tiva and Fornell
  • Abby NCIS Season Premiere Photo
  • Tiva and Gibbs
  • Gibbs After the Bombing

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I think it is safe to assume that since David McCallum signed a new contract, Ducky will survive. How severe the heart attack was, and how long it takes him to recover, and whether he will recover 100% -- those are the questions that will be answered as the season unfolds. As for Dearing, I doubt that he will allow himself to be taken alive.


I am hoping that Ducky survies but if he doesn't it will truely be a sad day. The only others I was concern about was Gibbs, Abby & McGee. They were more in the line of the blast. As far as the main characters they are: Gibbs, Ducky, Abby & Tony they have been on the show since day one the day the show started. McGee came next - he hadn't been on there long when Kate was killed. Then Ziva came into the picture. Palmer came after Gerald was shot by Ari. You can tell I love this show.


I hope they don't kill Daring I hope we see him again


yall are very confusing but no one is in trouble untill dearing is caught even if then i dont think it will be that important after that and to me personally yall dont make any sience but whatever im just wordering if mcgee and ducky are ok from the picks everyone else looks ok and not in any of them do u see mcgee and a commit about palmer coming in as the medical examiner so i cant wait till september 25


as much as id like the photo to be Tiva related... i have a feeling its Gibbs telling his team to backoff.. and he'd deal with Dearing on his own.. GG has eluded to a fight to the death b/t gibbs and dearing..


Yea, Ducky is another casualty of the bombing, even though he was in Florida....and this is mentioned on the article that was posted on this site which talks about Palmer stepping up to the plate to take over the ME role while Ducky recovers. So Season 10 is going to be a time of recovery & looking to the future for Team Gibbs. :)


Oi, people - are we forgetting poor Ducky?


Michael, I doubt very much that Vance is going to do anything to either one of them. Catching the guy responsible for the bombing is Priority One. The guy coming in is a psychiatrist who is going to be counseling EVERYBODY on any trauma they have experienced since the bombing. That's all.


Michael, at just what point in the Season 9 finale were Tony and Ziva grabbing one another's rear ends? 'Cause I gotta tell you, all I saw were two people standing next to each other, with maybe their arms linked together, getting showered with debris after the bomb went off. I think they love one another and I think this season is going to show it come to the surface, but I believe they are professional enough to know there is a time and place for anything and everything. Getting rocked by a bomb isn't the time to get it on.


Michael, are you seriously gonna focus on Tony and Ziva taking the elevator and getting trapped in there when others have also made mistakes or could be hurt, like McGee????? McGee, who told Vance that he was almost done downloading the info onto th flash drive after Vance told him to leave, thereby getting the brunt of the blast....Abby. who was busy grabbing her Caf-Pow & Bert, with Gibbs running back into the lab to save Abby! So they all made mistakes and will pay for it on an emotional level. That is what I'm looking forward to seeing this season.