NCIS Season Premiere: Behind the Scenes Elevator Pic!

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We're less than a month away from the premiere of NCIS Season 10.

After the terrorist's bomb rocked the Navy yard and decimated the team's headquarters, the emotionally and physically distraught team must find their bearings - and elusive suspect Harper Dearing.

There are also some interesting subplots brewing, as we know.

Might there be love in an elevator in the aftermath of the explosion? Here's a new behind-the-scenes photo of Tony and Ziva (Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo), first published by Entertainment Weekly ...

Love in an Elevator?

NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg has hinted that the post-bombing trauma may bring Tiva closer than ever ... does that mean entering a romantic relationship? Should they? Share your views below.

For more visuals from the upcoming premiere (Tuesday, September 25), click to enlarge another behind-the-scenes pic of Cote and Michael, and CBS' promotional photos from "Extreme Prejudice" ...

Tiva Behind the Scenes
Director Vance Pic
Extreme Prejudice Pic
Tiva and Fornell
Tiva and Gibbs
Gibbs After the Bombing
Abby NCIS Season Premiere Photo
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Ziva should die, she is the most viral disgusting example of a female character, she ruins the chemistry of the show and the cast. Every scene without her is a better scene!


@Janet & Zoyaroses - Hi girls. Don't worry, I have always been & will continue to forever to handle "The Troll of NCIS". He is Ignorant, period. It's one thing to state your cause or differences publicly in an ADULT manner, but it's another thing entirely, to allow nonsensical, DONKEY POOP to squeeze out of your keyboard. It's irresponsible of him to make some of the statements that he does, because he never bothers to check the FACTS first. Nobody will ever be able to take him seriously because of that, yet he doesn't seem to care that he is of None Effect to the NCIS Community. But that's on him. In the meantime, he'll continue to be treated as he treats others, while the rest of us continue to "talk around him".


The writers time and time again have all talked about how good of an actress Cote de Pablo is. Obviously, they like writing for her because she can handle the material given to her. Some viewers out there must like her because they keep writing amazing stories for her. And Tiva doesn't ruin Tony, I think it is making his character more rounded and real. You can't be a womanizer forever. And like I have said before, this is television. To have such extreme hatred for a character is silly. They aren't real. If you get that upset over it, perhaps you should stop watching the show all together and get some therapy. After 7 years, I am ready for some Tiva but I'm not going to stop watching if it doesn't happen.


sorry should read thank god


all i can say is thank goe EJ is long gone and yes i think she realized that tony only has eyes for ziva


Love that pic. Curious as to where it was mentioned (is this TV Guide's wesite?) that if it was EJ and Tony in the elevator there would be crying and bitching. I will easily admit I didn't like EJ. But I don't think she was supposed to be liked or loved by everyone. I might roll my eyes or think this would have been better if Ziva was there instead. But crying &/or bitching? NeVeR! And correct me if I am wrong, which I know some will. I believe EJ even sees how much Ziva cares for Tony. Or was I wrong about that.


I love what someone said over at TVguide if that was Tony and EJ people would be bitching and crying about it


I was reading through the comments and noticed a certain troll was in here saying he is always right when it comes to NCIS. I find fault with his statement on so many levels. This is the troll who said he knew for sure Michael Weatherly was leaving the show. Third degree case of moron. Season X looks like it is going to be awesome and maybe the best yet. The promo is awesome, reminds me of Truth and Consequences (season 7 premiere) bc the team closeness was shown and how they are each other's family. I think this will be evident again in this premiere. And also, have to throw this in there, I'm so ready for Tiva!!!


post continued... I for one don't see anything wrong if the producers want to explore TIVA. The NCIS team are all adults, and adults their age are either married, in a serious relationship or date. I would love to see what each NCIS team member does on their days off, it could make for some fun moments and don't feel that it would take anything away from the show as it is.


I am 49 years old and have seen many television programs over the years, but I have to say that no other show has come close to the greatness that NCIS continues to deliver. It is the only show I plan my week around and my friends and family know that it has to be a serious emergency to disturb me on Tuesday nights, lol! That being said, I felt I needed to add my thoughts to the on going TIVA question. It is definitely the characters and the interaction and dialog between all the cast members that makes this show so great. The crime solving is just the added bonus in my opinion. It can be something as simple as the scene in "Bounce" where Gibbs tells DiNozzo "You are doing a hell of a job Anthony", or the scene from "Probie" where DiNozzo tells McGee about the first time he ever fired his gun at another person. These types of moments are what humanizes the fictional characters and makes them seem real. It would be unrealistic to only want to see the team at work solving cases. I for one would love to see what each cast member does at home away from NCIS on their days off and dabble a little bit into the romantic parts of their lives; I don't care if its between cast members or other characters like Jeanne, Hollis Mann, Abby Borin, etc...Normal adults date or are married, why can't are NCIS team do the same?