NCIS Show-Runner Hints at Tiva Taking Things "Further"

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It looks like Tiva worshippers may finally get their wish ... or at least come closer to it.

NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Guide that we may see things progress to a new level between Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) in Season 10.

One way or another, post-bombing trauma may bring the duo closer than ever.

Anthony and Ziva

"The elevator scenes are so good," Glasberg says of the opening episode, which finds them trapped after Richard Schiff's Harper Dearing detonated a car bomb outside NCIS HQ.

"[Tony and Ziva] can't help but be affected by this in a certain way, and they will continue to reach out to each other because of the connection they have as friends and as coworkers."

"There are definitely 'moments.' I'd like to take things a little further along than we have [in the past]."

What do you think those moments will consist of? Or should consist of? Do you want one of TV's most buzzed-about will-they-or-won't-they couples to finally go there?

Sound off on all things Tony, Ziva and NCIS in the comments below ...

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@Dani do you have any show to back up what your saying because last time I check there has not been one cop show to last after their main star have hook up


@dani its always nice to read a good comment


Hello. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I noticed someone - yet again - has misrepresented the true meaning of "Jumping the Shark". I recall someone here already posting the CORRECT meaning of the term recently. NCIS, Tony & Ziva or Tony & "Whomever" he ends up with will NEVER suffer from "Jumping" anything, because DPB's intention for Tony to have a relationship with his leading female agent/co-star was BUILT INTO the series as Canon from the start. It was always intended, just like it was for A LOT of long-running TV shows over the years - many of which ended very successfully. I can certainly see a huge storyline like Ziva getting pregnant one day (she's ready for that), but NOT right now. At the series' end, it could totally happen, with her opting to take it easy at home for a short while to be with her child, or being assigned to a less dangerous unit within NCIS rather than MCRT.


and you want to know what happen to DPB he was fire by CBS for making Tiva


When people like DPB comment on the chemistry between MW and Cote and say it was quite apparent from the start, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.


I believe that MW has indicated he just as soon not see Tony do a crossover with LA like Abby did. I suppose if the show says "do it", he will, but so far I haven't read anything to indicate such a thing is on the horizon.


Totally agree gibblette. Romances between leads, especially ones where the so called chemistry is all manufactured, and babies are the kiss of death. Let Ziva pick on somebody her own size and give Tony a mostly off screen romance with someone who at least can stand him. I'll volunteer.


@Gibblette: I'm with you. Sex and babies are show killers for sure! Better Tony and/or Ziva should just get a dog. Everybody knows that dogs are ratings grabbers.


I want NCIS to go to Season 11, and I want Tiva

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