Necessary Roughness Review: All Hung Up

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"A Load of Bull" is filled with just that - and someone will definitely get hurt.

I'm not sure if it was Dani's patient I enjoyed this week or watching that PBR bull riding footage. That is one truly scary sport. What can you say about people who make it their life's work to ride in events where they risk being trampled or gored by a thousand-pound animal? Is it guts or stupidity? Perhaps equal parts of each.

Matt & Dani Deal With Their Breakup

But there was so much else going on in this episode. Razor's past came back to haunt him as we knew it would and Nico and Matt did their best to protect him. Unfortunately, it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Nico was right. They need to get ahead of it, fast.

For quite a while I thought Noelle was using TK's reputation against him. He seemed to have himself under control around the probing reporter but that control was simply a drug-induced mirage.

I liked that we never actually saw TK take any pills in this episode. We only saw the signs of their use. The sunglasses he wore at odd times. The muted responses to the reporters incredibly personal questions about the worst trauma of his life. 

TK's non-reaction was a clue that his drug use was changing his behavior. How long will it be before it affects his game or risks his life?

On the home front, Ray Jay got his heart broken by Olivia, who decided she needed to start college tabula rasa. The term meaning "clean slate" always makes me smile as it was the title of a favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode... but I doubt Ray Jay saw any such significance. 

The poor kid was crushed and Jeanette was right as she said in this Necessary Roughness quote...

Jeanette: Breaking up is hard to do. That's why country music exists. | permalink

Dani sharing that she and Matt had also broken up was the best way for Ray Jay to connect with his mom and share some of his pain.

However, Dani and Matt went from a neat and clean breakup between two reasonable adults to something much messier. Having to see one another every day was emotionally killing them. I'm not sure what the answer was but I don't think sleeping together was it. I'm afraid that these two are in for a world of pain.

Do you think TK can pull it together or will he crash and burn? Are Matt and Dani back on track or just postponing the inevitable? We've got two weeks to wait for the next Necessary Roughness.


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That was a great episode, and I really hope that Dani can either get over Matt and move on (to Nico? That would be an interesting relationship) or get married and consider adopting a child with Matt so he could have the fun of being a daddy without her having to try to get pregnant when she's getting a little long in the tooth to do so. I am also worried about TK's drug is going to bite him in his fine tuchas one of these days, and I imagine Dani will have to be there to help him in or out of rehab.
I found that I couldn't be too sorry for RayJay, as it seems to me that he was too young to be in that serious of a relationship anyway. I love this show, however, and I hope it continues for many seasons


good episode last night, tk's drug issue is becoming a factor, i felt bad for the pain dani & matt were having. hope that they work it out there is too much love between them . it was sad to see ray jay expereince his first heartbreak. and nico was so smooth


The rebound guy never last people that is why they are there to make the transition from what was to what will be. Matt is the rebound, enough said!


I like the back and forth between Matt and Dani! This breakup pretty much reflects reality to me. Will be interesting to see how the finally do part and how the bring in the Nico/Dani story. Will be really interesting to see how they address TK's pain meds addiction coming to a head. I like they way they've been building up to it. Also like the way Nico is stepping up and running the show. This show continues to feature believable enjoyable characters, interesting story lines and smart writing. Long live 'Necessary Roughness'.


I don't like all the back and forward in Dani and Matt's relationship. Break up or get married! Actually, I'd like them better apart. I want Dani with Nico they have great chemistry. The painkillers' addiction is so cliched, but also so TK. Taking the easy road to stop feeling pain? Yep, that sounds like TK.


I love this show. The characters are not so much real, but fun, even Ray Jay in his pain makes you smile. He is so much a teenager. I hope this show has a long run and that TK finds his way at some point. I love Dani and Matt together. I hope they don't do the "Friends" thing (Monika and Tom Selleck (sorry I forgot his name on the show). Well maybe they already have :-). Anyway, I'm always interested in everything that happens with all the characters. That means this is a good show.

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