Necessary Roughness Review: Escaping the Inevitable

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Necessary Roughness handed us a summer finale with more questions than answers. Not even "All the King's Horses" could put TK back together again - and he wasn't the only one falling to pieces.

TK's Smiling

After TK narrowly missed hitting a small child on a bike, he was told in no uncertain terms what his future would hold, as Matt gave him his choices in the Necessary Roughness quote:

 It's rehab right now or you will be cut from the New York Hawks. | permalink

So he headed to rehab at the Two Oakes Wellness Center where the cucumber water and group therapy weren't exactly his style. But on the bright side, his friend Jimmy was also doing time at Two Oakes. Or perhaps that was the dark side.

Jimmy's a professional rehabber, this being his eighth go at it. Being that TK's always up for a good party, running off on horseback was just too much to resist. TK didn't even see the light when Dani closed the door on his drunken midnight rant and told him to head back to rehab. 

Although Jimmy's unexpected death was obviously very bad for him, it was a blessing for TK. It was probably the only thing that could have jolted him out of his downward spiral. TK's strong. He fought back from a bullet wound and he can fight this. He just has to decide to put in the work.

Dani certainly got a wakeup call when she woke up Matt. It took the realization that there was another woman in his bed to drive home that their breakup was real. But was Dani ready to move on?

Maybe. Nico certainly gave her reason to consider it. Nico's such a mystery that it was odd when he kept insisting that Dani truly knows him. I don't think anyone truly knows Nico, but I'm definitely hoping we get to find out more.

By the end of the episode, poor Dani was reeling. TK's in pieces. Matt's moved on. Nico's kiss caught her completely by surprise and even her fish died. And she doesn't even know that her son's probably been arrested.

The summer finale has left Dani in a bit of a tailspin. What will she choose to do next and will you be rooting for Team Matt or Team Nico when Necessary Roughness returns?


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i am and have been team matt from day 1 and i agree that matt regrets being with the is too mysterious and the mysterious bad boys are never good in a long term relationship


I don't really care who she picks. I like both Matt and Nico. To be honest thought I think Matt regrets being with that other woman. When Dani calls him and he say "I'll call you in the morning" and looks over at the women he sighs and gives a " what am I doing?" type look. I think if Matt find our about the Nico/Dani kiss then Maybey he and Nico will end up in a fight for Dani.I kinda think that would acctuley make the show interesting


I'm rooting for "Team Nobody", with "Team Matt" a distant second, only because a romance with Dani can only serve to make Nico less awesome.


Team Nico! Matt is nice rebound puff pastry, but Nico is complicated and layered and Dani is a complex character with full life experiences so they would be far more interesting to watch as a couple or a potential couple.


Team Nico! From the very first episode I liked Nico best...I'm a sucker for brown eyes and a good mystery. I agree with Cha11, I think Matt may have a dark side too. Crafty anyway. He's all wrong for Dani. Their relationship played out like a rebound relationship. Now she is ready for the real deal relationship. There's chemistry between Dani and Nico; subtle from the beginning but it's there.


Team Nico. Nuff said about that.
T. K. at Dr. D's back door banging on it in desperation was heart wrenching. But she had to show tough love. Who wants to bet Jimmy's years of hard partying contributed to his heart attack? Great EP.


Team Nico. I am sucker for a handsome and mysterious man. And he seems to care for her which is sweet since the character seems like the type to avoid feelings at all cost. Side note: The actor who plays T.K (Not sure of his name) did a wonderful job with in this episode. He did the funny and the emotional effortlessly.


Team Nico. Since season 1, I disliked Matt, and after seeing him sleeping with the reporter after his I love yous, and I want to marry you, I was like he moves on quickly. Matt was never right for her from the beginning, he was useful for getting back on the horse as they say, but for a real subsisting relationship, I cannot see it happening. Nico called Dani, Dani and Danielle this episode and I Was like wow. and when they kissed I wasn't even shocked... thank you USA promos which told us that would happen.. . I would have preferred to be surprised.
Oh and the fact Nico always tells her random facts about himself, tells me he trust her more than most people. Also did she say in the winter promo that she is torn between the man she loved as in Matt and a man she is deeply attracted to as in Nico. And I was like Danielle, get your act together- Mr. Wrong, and who sleeps with everyone: MATT. MR.RIGHT: NICO! So yes Team Nico


Team Nico, for sure! I like Nico way more than Matt. My gut just wondered if Matt's character has a dark side far worse than Nico, and Nico is ready to shed his shadiness now that Pitman is gone. And I think the reason Nico told Dani she knew him is because she pointed out that he gave up Gabrielle because Pitman wanted her. He looked sad and surprised when Dani pointed that out.


Team Nico. I just never have liked Matt. They left the fact that Dani's son is going to be in some serious trouble when NR returns! It is so very true that she went on a downward spiral. I think her fish dying is what drove her over the edge, as odd as it sounds. Everything was piling up emotionally and then ....the fish dies.

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