Necessary Roughness Review: It's Addicting

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With a couple of surprising twists, "Might As Well Face It" set up a great story arc that I look forward to following in the last few episodes of Necessary Roughness.

To wit:

Dani & Matt Find an Up Side

Damon Razor. He seemed like such a good match. A smart but slightly insecure talent who could both play student to TK, yet also challenge his bravado.

I really thought Damon was going to stick around for a while. The guy was both interesting and likable, so I was shocked when he decided to leave the team. Still, I couldn't argue with his reasoning. He was miserable in the spotlight.

TK kept telling him this was the life but all he could see was his mentor falling apart. So Damon chose something different and I never saw it coming.

TK's downward spiral. TK's disappointment with Damon will be nothing compared to his reaction when he finds out Nico raided his place. By the way, TK definitely needs to invest in a better security system.

When Dani told Nico to do what he had to do, I never thought that meant breaking in and stealing all of his drugs. Now they have their answers about what he's taking and how he's getting over on the drug test... but what's next? Between TK's altered mental state - due to his pill popping - and the distrust and betrayal he'll feel at having his place ransacked, I can't imagine he'll be willing to accept help from anyone.

Play to the death. Orson was actually one of favorite patients all season. I kept wondering if there was a physical reason why he wore those sunglasses all the time but it turned out to be a mental one instead.

As a matter of fact, he wore those sunglasses so often that I almost didn't recognize him in that hospital bed without them. 

Sometimes I do wish that Dani could follow up with past patients on occasion. If it ever happened, I'd vote to check in with Orson again.

Addicted to love. I kept wondering where Matt and Dani were going with their post breakup sexcapades. As Matt told Dani in this Necessary Roughness quote...

Dani: What are we doing?
Matt: I don't know but it's fun. | permalink

As much fun as it was, it certainly wasn't healthy for either of them. In the end, they were simply postponing a world of pain.

As much as I've enjoyed their relationship, I am happy that it's finally over, for real this time. Especially since it will allow Dani to explore things with Nico. As much as I like Matt, Dani and Nico are a much more interesting option.

So will TK be able to pull out of his drug induced haze? Should Dani find her way to Nico or is it simply too soon? And which patient would you like to see return to Necessary Roughness?


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omg dani DEFINITELY has to be with NICO, matt is ok but nico is sooooo sexy!!! DANICO ALL THE WAY!!!


See, I think her not wanting kids is perfectly reasonable. She's done all of that and raised two teenagers. Not that kids aren't fun but they're also a whole lot of work and I think Dani wants to find out what comes next. Where as Matt has never done any of that and he deserves to experience that portion of his life. I think that's why Matt seems too young for her. She's lived through everything that he still wants to do. I really like Matt but I'd like to see what Dani and Nico are like together. I just hope they don't rush into anything and then drop it. I look forward to the dance between the two of them.


Matt is just so hot, I want Dani with him, but I do totally agree he seams a little immature or young for her. But I feel Nicho is too old! I thin the love triangle angel would have been interesting, I think the I don’t want kids this is lame, but part of me thinks she will change her mind. I really hope that Dani’s prego friend stays in town longer because I LOVE HER! The preview for next week looks good.


I want dani with nico they seem better fitted for each other. similary wave lengths in life and what not. But I think it is to soon for her to be in that kind of long term relationship just yet, building up to that and making them both work towards that relationship would make for more entertaining TV.


I like the idea of Dani and Nico. Matt is very, very nice - great looking and all - but he seems "too young" for Dani - can't quite put my finger on it. "Too young" may not be the appropriate descriptive phrase because I'm not referring to chronological age. Maturity level, maybe that's it?


Love this show. I do love Dani and Matt together, why it can't work I don't know. She doesn't want children, that's kinda corny. They did the same thing on "Friends" with Monica and Tom Sellek. Kinda old and lame excuse. Should be a triangle instead, where both Nico and Matt are trying to win her affection. How cool would that have been? All else is wonderful, the show is pretty great when her kids are not around.

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