Necessary Roughness Review: What's Bugging You?

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It's been building all season. With the first game in only 10 days, it was obvious that TK was spiraling out of control. The biggest question in  "Double Fault" was not whether TK was going down... but who he was going to take with him.

TK worked so hard to come back after his gunshot wound that it's really sad to witness his path to self destruction. I couldn't believe it when his agent turned on Matt, but I suppose everyone looks for someone to blame. But anyone with eyes could see that TK was intoxicated during that photo shoot and deserved to lose that sponsorship.

Nico Finds a Breach

But the Hawks may have had even bigger issues than TK. Pittman had planted listening devices everywhere, even in Dani's home office, and she was devastated as she cried to Nico in this Necessary Roughness quote... 

This team has compromised me in ways that I never even knew existed. | permalink

The release of those tapes would not only have her patients feeling violated but it could end her career. Dani's under such stress already, trying to hold everything together with her ex-husband's huge tax bills hanging over her head. If she were to lose her practice, Ray J would be lucky to afford that state school.

The best moments of the night were when Nico understood how upset Dani was and wouldn't walk away. It became obvious how much he respects and cares for Dani and that he might like a lot more from her than just friendship - but is this the time?

Probably not. But this potential couple may be pushing those boundaries as the season continues. I'm sorry that Jeanette's headed back to Spain.  Something tells me that Dani could really use her best friend around.

Speaking of pushing the boundaries, I didn't expect the tennis pros to turn out to be swingers. It was an interesting twist but my favorite part was watching Dr. Dani at one of their parties. She looked like a wall flower at a junior high dance. She didn't know where to look or what to do and it was sort of amusing seeing the confident doctor so far out of her element.

The end of the episode definitely left us hanging. Will TK be the cause of a horrible tragedy? If he's not, will the close call be enough to scare him straight? Will we ever see that TK intervention? We'll all have to tune in for next week's Necessary Roughness to find out.


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Nico and Dr. D. perfect!




Michael, first of all she did not give up on her marriage her husband cheated on her numerous times DURING THEIR MARRIAGE breaking a pretty marriage vow about fidelity, they separated then she slept with someone else. So she is justified to sleep with someone during her separation and subsequent divorce from a cheater and additionally someone who blew through their money and their children's college funds Secondly, you mean *this show...except the lead.... And I have never heard her say anyone was wrong to do certain things, she tries to help her patients, and willing to go to bat for them and force them to see their behaviour is unacceptable for example when she was dealing with the guy who was going through that slumpbuster.


hm is it just me or has anyone seen Dani's daughter since the episode when she went to therapy, like what, 3 episodes ago? Has she been undergoing therapy all this time? Or community service as she wanted?
Also great job to Matt for finally growing a pair and caring just a bit more about T.K than his job.... He is just ... more and more I remember why I keep hoping he will be promoted and go away! I cannot believe Nico just abruptly walked away from his almost kiss with Dani... Also I was surprised to see Nico in a blue suit, when did he get that?


everything on these show is great escape the led character she just comes off as a spoil two year old and a hypocrite she said she never give up but she gave up on her marrige. She a horrible rolemodel to her children having sex with a man who not their father. I just don't see how she can Judge people and say what they are doing is wrong when she does horrible things too


Every week I am pleasantly surprised by Dr. Dani's professionalism. Her responses to the most shocking twists in her patients' lives are insightful and help the viewer as well as the patient understand the underlying issues. In a role that could easily be scery-chewing and over-the-top, she brings a thoughtfulness to the series that makes it more than a run-of-the-mill sports drama. One observation: too bad she can't seem to give a moral compass to her kids but I guess it is often the case that the shoemaker's children are barefoot.

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