Paul Wesley on The Vampire Diaries Finale: I Didn't Buy It

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 concluded with Elena transforming into a member of the undead.

But that development only went down because Stefan made an unusual choice: swimming to the bottom of the lake to rescue the love of his life, he heeded Elena's underwater advice and first swam Matt to the shore.

Return of Stelena?

Now, in a candid interview, star Paul Wesley actually admits he was initially "confused" by the scene, questioning the motives of his character and the decision he made. Referencing Stefan's saving of Matt, Wesley says:

"I don't buy it. I'll be completely honest. The writers are probably going to get mad at me! I don't buy it, but it is what it is and so we have to live with it."

His main issue with the way everything took place?

"I personally think Stefan would have just went, 'I don't really care what the hell you have to say', and would have grabbed her - but it is a story and frustrating things happen in life and stories."

As for The Vampire Diaries Season 4? Does Wesley just see smooth sailing ahead for Stefan and Elena? Not exactly.

"I don't think it's going to be like, 'I'm picking Stefan and we're going to be happy now," he said. "It's going to be a completely different show."

We'll find out for certain on October 11.

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i think to make it more realistic he could at least break elenas seat built and for her to try to get out but doesnt make it far and still drowns it would have been way more realistic for stephan to do something on his way up i know she had to dye but they could have made it alil more realistic i really cant wait to see klause reaction to elena being died he wont be able to make anymore hybrids


He's not superman! Are you sure? These vampires on this show fly and rip things apart...and save damsels in distress... Anyway, Paul is right about one thing, the writing is getting ridiculous! If they wanted us to care about Elena turning they should have done it at a better time, by now everyone is used to people turning on this show, so Elena's eventual turning did not come as surprising..and the 198773621 spoiles gave it away too.


lets blame the writers. PAUL WESLEY IS AWESOME


Lame !!!


I found weird that he didn't take both of them up, seriously, that would have been the more "realistic" reaction to this situation.


At least one of the actors admits that the finale wasn't as great as the writers claimed it to be!


I agree with Wesley. It did not go with Stefan's character. However, Matt was in worse shape than Elena, which might have been why he agreed to attend to him first. The writing for Stefan's character has been pretty uneven this past season.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

He's not superman! And there has been no ep that's seen any of the vamps pulling off superman style heroics.
Yes because OBVIOUSLY it takes a superman to rip off the fucking seatbelt off. Its not like Bella Swan...oops I mean Elena, was unconscious. Stefan is the kind of man who will listen to Elena.
Except that that goes against his character development in S1 and first half of S2, as well as what he was willing to do to bonnie's mother Steffie is a huge wimpy whipped mr.niceguy mary sue but he is not THAT whipped as to allow her to die.


He's not superman! And there has been no ep that's seen any of the vamps pulling off superman style heroics. Stefan is the kind of man who will listen to Elena. Damon wouldn't have done that.


No shit !! He should of pulled the whole damm car outta the water.

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