Perception Review: Love and Other Drugs

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They say that sex sells, right? Well, this week's Perception was fully charged on that subject in one of the more interesting cases of the season.

No, Dr. Pierce and Agent Moretti didn't get it on (yet), but the two discovered a therapist trying to "cure" patients of their homosexuality.

It's funny because for the first half of this episode, the case seemed pretty cookie cutter in development. Somebody killed the therapist out of revenge or anger, etc. and Pierce would simply have to figure out who. Sure, there was the ploy of "staying inside the circle" with respect to the insurance company and bonus money the therapist received, but there's no way either Pierce or Moretti could pass up actually solving a case. They just love it too much.

Even the whole "is it a hallucination or isn't it?" game played itself out, complete with typical black SUV watching paranoia. It is interesting to note how relatively calm Pierce acts when confronted with a potential imaginary person. Although, in this case, the aviator wearing stalker happened to be real.

Pierce at a Fundraiser

Yet, the episode took such a sharp turn in content revelation with "curing homosexuality" about halfway through that I had to stop to make sure I heard right.

In fact, Perception hasn't bothered to shy away from topics that could be considered controversial (take last episode's discussion about believing in God). It's a bold move and could certainly alienate viewers, but I like the daring strategy. It's a structure that could definitely set the series apart and really get the audience thinking about a concept that isn't black and white, while at the same time, offering a bit of both sides even if certain characters might be stuck on only one.

This particular episode certainly became compelling as to why the therapist believed he could cure homosexuality, why he'd do it and why someone might kill him because of it.

There were so many different directions the hour could suddenly go and even in interrogating a variety of patients, perky lovers and wives in denial, I wasn't able to guess who the killer might be until right before it was revealed. And it was a character introduced a bit later in the episode, so the "I've only seen three other characters, it has to be him" problem solving was pretty much out. Realistically, a majority of the suspects had compelling motive.

And although the hallucination weather girl gave him a few tips, it was Pierce that solved the crime. Not to mention that he stopped a 'roid raging runner, all while never leaving the car.

It was even humorous the way Pierce acted when talking about sex from clutching his satchel closer and closer, uncomfortably not knowing where to put his hands when comforting his student, and unintentionally flirting and impressing the attractive benefactor at the Gala.

It's been said before, but if you haven't noticed, Eric McCormack knocks his role as Dr. Pierce out of the park every time.

But was anyone surprised about the return of Kate's boyfriend? I honestly thought he was a dropped plot point since we hadn't seen him in so long. At least his appearance helps with a sense of continuation story-wise, giving the episodes not just a one and done type of feel. Whether he's the right "guy" for her is another issue entirely, but at least the show is trying to work in the other characters to round it all out.

Overall, "Lovesick" was an intriguing episode and really encapsulated a feeling of watching a great mind at work in solving a puzzle that was more complex than its base layer. I hope that future episodes follow suit in straying from the storylines we've all seen before, and with Perception renewed for a second season, it looks like we'll surely be seeing Dr. Pierce delving deeper into the human mind.


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Love the show, Eric McCormack is so good in the role but the female FBI agent needs to be re-cast. She looks about 12 years old but she doesnt have what it takes to carry the role. Glad its been picked up for another season.


I put this show in the mix this year and started watching and at first was not to really into it, but it is growing on me. The classroom scenes are very thought prevoking. The female FBI seems not right for the part. Seems much to young thanks goodness the script is helping her along. I think it is youth and stature. Would like to see her a little bit more Jody Foster type in Silence of the Lambs personality. Maybe I have missed it but an explanation of "how" he is the way he is would be good. Amazing how so many people accept him as he is.


I like the show except for the female lead. She does not fit.


I Like everything about this show except the female lead. The way the role is presented, she still seems more like Dr. Pierce's student than a competent FBI agent. It may be the writing, but I suspect the actor just doesn't have the chops to hold her own in this cast.


I like that the interviews aren't melodramatic. I like the explorations of the human mind. I like the bookends of the classroom. I liked that Daniel solved the insurance fraud, the murder and got the coed help. I liked that the hallucinations didn't directly give Daniel the solution. I liked that there was a person Daniel thought was a hallucination but wasn't one. Daniel's freudian slip at the end was funny.


I agree with the reviewer and with Ginger, especially about wishing that they'd just let the young FBI agent and Pierce be mentor/student and not try to force sexual tension between them. Spot on, Ginger!
I had to laugh at the scene where the busty young student who'd slept with Lewiki had her head in Pierce's lap...he was so uncomfortable it was hilarious. I enjoy the way he solves crimes and the way he teaches, and I love the way he interacts with people in general. So I am thrilled that this show is renewed for another season.
BTW, reviewer, I think you need to change "that" to "who" when you are talking about a person, instead of an object. Just a little editorial note for you.


The RLC complaints seem almost obligatory. It could be a number of things - personally, I think the choice to have the FBI agent as the student of him already forces the character to be a bit younger then people are otherwise used to for a female lead like that. For example, the Mentalist has Amanda Righetti, and she plays a supporting role - it would be strange for viewers to switch her and Robin Tunney. It's sort of the problem here - the role itself is his student, thus it wouldn't make much sense to have Tunney playing the lead role since she looks way too grizzled to play a rookie FBI agent that's the student of the professor. That said, both the makeup and wardrobe departments could tone it down a bit. She doesn't normally look that young in real life... "camera magic" at work.


YEAH!!!!! FINALLY, at wonderful show gets renewed!! Seems like lately all the good ones are going by the wayside. Kudos to TNT for keeping Perception because it is in the top 3 shows as far as I'm concerned.


I was skeptical about the premise of this show, but I love the bookends with Dr. Pierce teaching his college class. Eric McCormack is a gifted actor who portrays a mentally ill character with sensitivity and passion. I particularly liked his conversation/hallucination at the kitchen counter where he discussed his reasons for not taking medication to treat his problem. I agree with the others that Det. Moretti seems too young for the role, but they needed an actor who was young enough to be a student of Dr. Pierce's in the past. I would like it much more if the writers didn't try to force a sexual tension between the characters and just let them be mentor/consultant and FBI agent. I enjoy police procedurals and look forward to ones that have an added twist. I'm glad Perception has been renewed for another season.


CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON, also this part for EMc is perfect, he is so believeable and loveable in a Will kinda way!

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