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"Nemesis" held such promise to be a provocative Perception episode that really delved into the psyche of Daniel Pierce while revealing to Kate Moretti news of his un-medicated schizophrenia.

That sounds like juicy drama, right?

But while Perception promos (they really can be misleading, can't they?) seemed to point towards Moretti confronting Pierce about his struggles, the real focus of the episode centered around a murdered judge.

Moretti Tries To Impress

Which could have proven interesting enough given that the prime suspect had schizophrenia. Granted, it was far worse than we've seen Pierce experience, what with complete delusions and an utter break with reality, but isn't that the point? To show what Pierce could become?

It was nice seeing Jonathan Tucker back on TV and he really captured that loss of sanity wrapped inside the mind of a protector. I may still wish he was on The Black Donellys and even enjoyed his stint on Parenthood, but Tucker was a perfect looking glass for Pierce. Hearing voices in your head might be crazy, but so is seeing the judge dressed up as a superhero.

So, why did it feel like we barely scratched the surface of Dr. Pierce in this episode? Is it going to be really discussed in season two?

I hope so, especially because Kate hardly gave Pierce any flack for not telling her what was going on.

Sure, she stormed into his home like she was upset, but after quickly explaining it all, it was as if she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Okay."

Wait. What? Kate barged in and then dropped it? Where's the tension, the compassion for her afflicted partner, the anger at being left in the dark?

Maybe Kate was emotionally having an off day, but whatever she was doing, she was still getting people to spill their secrets like a broken pinata.

I mean, guest star Eddie Furlong didn't last long under her gaze. As John Conner of Terminator fame, it was rather disappointing he folded like a deck of cards when Kate just gave a glare and said, "I'm not kidding around." She didn't even rough him up, point a gun at his head or really cross any boundaries besides not taking him in for legal questioning. That was a lame interrogation scene.

Even the judge's husband just letting out all the information because she pretty much just asked him to? I can only imagine what secrets might come out if she starts walking down staircases to a Sixpence None the Richer song.

The case really lost my attention and after a strong beginning, just fell to the wayside before it revealed the true killer. I almost wish that Tucker's character had killed the judge. It would have really been a far more dramatic wake up call for Pierce.

But he did have the choice of not taking the red pill. Really, how can he chose to "get better" when where he's at works perfectly fine for him? He gets to see Natalie, even if he also gets to see a wide range of other imaginary people.

And why does the show continue to drop in new characters like Kate's boss, but then we never get to see them again? Sometimes I feel like characters come and go based on the situation of the episode rather than because they are integral to the story as a whole. Whatever happened to Kate's FBI partner?

All in all, I was wishing the episode would deliver on some great drama, but felt like it missed the mark. Even the quick and speedy wrap up through the potential suspects and easy confessions lacked the punch that normally shows dish out when revealing the killer. Sure, McCormack still brings to life Dr. Pierce in a fantastic way, but I'm hoping that everything around him finds a way to be just as entertaining and builds together towards an impactful conclusion.

Dr. Pierce might be able to sing, but let's hope that Perception finds a better way to harmonize character and story to its fullest extent next go around.


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I like the show....first one I've watched,
but the FBI girl seems a little to soft and cutesy to be taken as an


I suspected that Brady was innocent when he said he had an OOBE and I was sure when he said he pulled out the knife. I think it'd have been better if Brady had killed her or if he was cleared earlier. The procedural parts with Kate were poor. Kate wasn't the least believable this episode.


I liked this episode a lot more than the reviewer, mainly because I enjoy watching Dr Pierce figuring things out, just as I enjoyed watching Dr House figure out the medical mysteries in the TV series House. Both House and Pierce are damaged men who have trouble connecting in a meaningful way with others, yet they are at the top of their fields because they are brilliant and can see what others do not.
I realize that the FBI agent looks and sounds very young, but I think she will grow into the role as time goes on. I do think any sort of sexual tension between her and her former teacher is gross, though, because she seems all wrong for him.


Though I really enjoy the show as a whole and can foresee it evolving to something even more interesting in the seasons to come, I really, really don't like Rachel Leigh Cook in this role. I think she's cute and she's done decent work in teen movies, but she's just not believable as an FBI agent and not seasoned enough to play a role like this. It doesn't help that she looks like a frumpy teenager either. I really think this role is way over her head and her ability as an actress. Every week I watch the show hoping she'll grow on me, but every week I like her less and less. The fact that she was able to "crack" Edward Furlong's character, an Irish mobster, and the judge's husband within a few poorly delivered lines was ridiculous. Again, I think she was "cute" in teen movies, but for a role such as this, she just doesn't have the range needed to pull it off. And the fact that there seems to be this unspoken romantic tension between her and Dr. Pierce comes off as slightly creepy and weird. And although I enjoyed the fact that they delved into Dr. Pierce's history a little further, explained a little about how Max came to be his assistant and outed his illness to Kate, I did think the episode could have been a little better. I would have enjoyed seeing Edward Furlong's character a bit more and I think it would have been more interesting had they not tied up the episode with a nice little bow on it. I understand that they probably want to be "responsible" in how they portray those who are mentally ill, I think it would have been far more interesting to Dr. Pierce's character to have to face the fact that Jonathan Tucker's character actually did commit this crime and would force him to really face his own situation. Just my opinion.


The actress playing Kate looks and acts too young. I love Daniel. All his quirks and his battle with this disease. But Kate looks like his daughter, not a secret crush. Every time they hint at unrequited love or lust I think... eeeewwwwwww.


I love the show, and I didn't think I would.


We Like This Show Big Time!! The we is (Randy(my husband) Deborah Petty)!! This show is great it is amazing how he solves these problem that he runs agross!! Please Keep This Show Running I know it has to end but don't delete this show at all!!!
Thank You




The real problem with Kate, as a foil for Dr. Pierce or in her duties as an FBI agent is, she can't act. It's really unfortunate since Eric McCormick is such believable. And the best part of this episode--his singing. Forget lectures and crime-solving, just end each show with a few great songs and I'd be content/


I didn't think that I would enjoy this show but it's well written, acted &directed. Storyline different and enjoyable

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