Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode: All Aboard the A Train!

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Still reeling from Monday's Pretty Little Liars summer finale? Still in shock over the reveal of a hoodie-wearing Toby? Still wondering if he's truly evil?

Fans will have a few months to ponder these questions and debate all the possibilities with friends because the ABC Family drama doesn't return with new episodes until January.

With the exception of October 23, that is. For the second consecutive year, Pretty Little Liars will air a special standalone Halloween installment, this one taking place on a train and featuring guest star Adam Lambert.

Watch the official preview now and continue to sound off: Toby? Reall?!?!?

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It looked like Allison is the one under the mask!! I will be so pissed if Caleb dies.


I think she's making out with the singer from the band.


Who is Hanna making out with?! If it's Wren I'm going to puke!! I think it's so wrong that they break up every other couple but their precious Ezria - the ickiest couple on that show!


I still can't believe that Toby is apart of the A-Team even though it makes since. Spencer is going to probably need to enter the psych ward herself when she finds out about Toby. Poor Emily maybe A will lay off of her for a while. Is Aria up next .....October feels so far away.

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