Pretty Little Liars Producer Previews Return of Mona, Shocking Reveal of A-Team Member

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WARNING: Stop reading right now if you have not watched last night's shocking summer finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Okay? Everyone all set now? Good. Because showrunner Marlene King has a few MAJOR hints to drop about the show's return in January...

A Team Member

On the theme of Season 3: It's that Mona is back. Now we see Mona has found a way to get in and out of Radley, the old "A" who we all miss will be very much back and present in the girls' lives.

On turning Toby: The theme we explore all the time on the show is "what appears to be isn't." So it was really fun to develop a character who really was the moral compass of the show. There were points at the end of Season 1 where we said that Toby is the only character in Rosewood who had never lied, and that was a truth to that point.

On Toby having true feelings for Spencer: That's the story we're going to tell [in the next part of the season] and you'll get a better sense of it.

On the chances that Toby still has good intentions and is somehow working undercover for the A-Team: No.

There you have it, PLLers. Have you gotten over the shock yet? Are you already counting down the days until Season 3B kicks off? Visit TV Guide for the full interview with King and sound off now!

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If toby is bad, then I'm so done with this show!!! Spoby forever!!!


im a haleb fan so shes made it clear hes not working with A to stop them theres a motive behind it , i wanted one of the girls to be A


If this is true .. I only see a logic (and EPIC) final for the show: SPENCER being A.


Why would Mar expose Toby's intentions? She had to know how it would appear to the viewers if they continued with that storyline especially when he returns after telling Spencer he's going to find out the truth on his own. It doesn't make sense why they would want us to think that and then say no he has no good intentions...


Writers know people can't stand Ezria, so they destroyed the most interesting thing of the show (Spencer&Toby). Try harder, writers, cause I won't buy freakinn-boring-Ezria or NoOneCurrHaleb.


You can't deny it was a SMART MOVE. It's obvious SPOBY is the FAVOURITE COUPLE of the show, so they use them for the BIGGEST SHOCK!! .... They will get highest ratings with that move, and they know it! ;)


SPOBY is the BEST COUPLE (cutest, hottest, prettiest ...) BY FAR If the kill Spoby, they kill the show


All I have to say is that I'd like to figure out a way to organize a nationwide boycott of the show if it turns out that Toby's actually bad. The idea that he would intentionally hurt Emily and Spencer is revolting to me.


It was kind of a smart way to go. Nobody suspected Toby and because of his 'betrayel' the show won't be as boring as the episodes before the summer finale. And now there is a chance for spencer and wren!


so he wasnt A in season one? she said he was the most honest character in season one so he must of started season 2?

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