Pretty Little Liars Review: Truth or Truth?

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Based on the promos, I had high hopes for this episode of Pretty Little Liars. But, alas, I was once again sorely disappointed by the lack of real progress.

"The Kahn Game" started out with great promise, especially when we got to that tense game of truth. However, there were no earth-shattering revelations or even some small leak of vital information to help us solve this A mystery.

BUT we did get some seriously entertaining and emotional relationship drama, plus some happy moments for our favorite liars.

A Hug for Aria

As I noted last week, Spencer has been consumed with the search for A - tracing down tips, recreating Mona's A-room, breaking into Maya's website - and it seems like all that dedication has had a negative affect on her life. Toby's left town, her grades are slipping, and *gasp* she missed the early application deadline for her dream school. For Spencer, this was a major disaster, so she jumped at the chance to put her application into the hands of anyone who worked at UPenn.

Enter CeCE.

I was skeptical about CeCe's plan, and I didn't really believe she'd met up with this admissions guy until Spencer got that email at the end (hooray!). CeCe not only helped Spencer with her future, but also gave Spencer and Aria the chance to question Jenna in a setting where she had to tell the truth.

The Kahn game apparently locks drunken college kids (and some high school ones) into a truth spell, which forces them to answer each other's brutal questions. Well, not really. But Spencer and Aria decided to pull Noel and Jenna into the game to take advantage of this rare opportunity where peer pressure might actually help them instead of hurt them. It was just disappointing that despite such a great opportunity, we didn't find out much.

So, Maya used to go these parties. Who was she hanging out with? Jenna and Noel picked up Emily that night at the diner, but who was the guy with her? Which video was Jenna referring to? Did Jenna and Noel have anything to do with Ali's body being stolen? So many questions, and so few answers!

Aside from that slightly disappointing scene, we were treated to some intense Fitz(gerald) family drama. Ezra's hot younger brother Wesley tried to help him buy back that expensive car he sold (the latest in his mother's attempts to control him), and Ezra was not dealing with all this family stress in a healthy way. He was almost cold toward Aria and continued to keep secrets about his past. There doesn't seem to be a lot of trust in this relationship.

Plus, I'm sure Wes is definitely trying to drive a wedge between the two, especially after he "accidentally" told Aria about that whole Maggie thing. I don't think he assumed she already knew it, but I'll bet he thought she should know about it.

Speaking of trust issues, Hanna was finally forced to trust that Caleb could handle the new A. Caleb, seemingly following Toby's lead, swore that he would help Hanna with this new A, and he didn't need her permission to do so. Way to go Caleb! It was frustrating to see Hanna continue to push him away even after it became clear that he knew there was a new A, but it was oh so satisfying to watch Caleb silence all her fears with a passionate kiss.

So, enough with the Spaleb rumors!

Equally romantic this week was the Emily and Paige relationship. The girls were right that Emily deserved a little bit of happiness, but they really should have allowed her to see that website sooner. She needed to mourn the loss of Maya, and it was great to see Paige comfort her.

Now if we could just see what fear Maya was finally confronting!

I also have to comment on the totally sweet budding romance between Ashley and Ted. He's such a good guy, and he's also super patient. How many people could wait for their date through an entire dinner and then clean up afterwards?

So, there's still lot's to figure out before the big betrayal coming up in the summer finale. Most pressingly, is Hanna going to have to give a blood sample?

Check out our Pretty Little Liars Round Table later this week and chime in with your thoughts.


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Spindae 2o

Really liked this episode! Was intense and a lot of trouble. . .
Hanna: she and Caleb are the COUPLE! l-O-v-E every single scene with them! they really making my day. they are so intense and their feelings are so truthfull!
Emily: Crying about Maya, and her stories was so sweet! it really teared up my soul! :D I never liked Maya but Emily loved her so much Wonderful
Aria: And the "Graysons"! a messy story. something that their relationship needs. and I didn't see the BABY coming! wOw! Shocking! Liked her confrontation with Noah! Something we missed in S1
Spencer: I missed NERDY girl! She vs Jenna should've been spicier but I don't mind! :D the story is heating up! this is the heat up for the summer final It's strange Jenna isn't on the Betrayl list! she isn't team A but she has secrets on her own!
AND who doesn't love CeCe! she really is Ally Grown up! messing with thr G's!


does anyone else think that the e-mail spencer got might be fake/scam?


I don't think Ted really is a great guy. First he had a date with Aria's mom and he already new Ashley by then. I think that guy hooks up with all kind of women.
I loved it when Caleb tried to get Hanna back and I think he is a good helper if it comes to finding out who A really is.
Ezra got a girl pregnant in highschool?! Didn't see that coming. Wes is definitely not 'the good brother'. I think we're going to see way more in the next episodes. But why didn't Ezra tell Aria about Maggie? Is that just because he didn't want to talk about his family?
Looking forward to next weeks episode.


I know that this show is a little on the melodramatic side and is best watched with suspended disbelief, but is anyone disappointed that Spencer's college admission process lacked even one modicum of believability? Clearly, we are living in the age of technology and nearly applications today are processed online, UPenn included. Spencer most likely should have simply filled out the Common App and easily submitted it. Furthermore, there is absolutely no way in the college admissions bureaucracy that an application could be hand-delivered and received past due, and then processed immediately. I know that the entire absurd storyline was necessary to further the plot, but it made the episode downright painful to watch. /end rant


I like Cede but they need to work harder with her if they want me to believe she mentor Alison. I just love Jenna and Noel and think they can be a fierce couple. I am glad that Ezra and aria is over but happy that Haleb is back on. I kinds like the game of truth.

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