Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "What Lies Beneath"

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Following "What Lies Beneath," a Pretty Little Liars episode that delved into both Emily and the Maya murder mystery, TV Fanatic staff members Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica are here to breakdown the latest happenings in Rosewood.

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Who locked Emily and Hanna in the Khan's cabin?
Carissa: A. This season, I'm getting the feeling A is trying to help the girls rather than hurt them, but they haven't figured it out yet. A wanted Emily to find Maya's bag. If they had left, they never would have found it.

Teresa: It had to be A, although I don't think A is really trying to help them out. 

Nick: Probably A, but which one? Dun dun dun...

Leigh: I wouldn't put it past A to be tapped into the Kahn's security system. A probably saw they were there and then made an appearance to scare the crap out of them.

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Who killed Maya?
Carissa: Paige. She's a nutter. She flips first and asks questions later. I don't think Emily was at her house the night she was drugged of her own volition. I think Paige drugged her flask, and later took a drink of it to throw suspicion in another direction. She was so close to having Emily when Maya came back to town she killed her.

Teresa: I'm beginning to think it was either Nate or Paige, but for the same reason - jealousy. Nate's a little too attached for a cousin, and we saw how angry Paige can get. 

Nick: I like all of your answers, but I'm siding with Carissa on this one. I think Paige is a very likely suspect especially when you consider she flipped her lid on those trashcans when she caught Nate and Emily.

Leigh: I agree with all of you that Paige has a shady little anger management problem. A normal person would've run off crying. But I still wouldn't rule out Wren, Melissa, or anyone whose whereabouts we aren't absolutely sure of that night.

What was up with Nate kissing Emily?
Carissa: What's up with all the Emily questions? Nate was really rude to do that. He knows Emily doesn't dig guys but did it anyway. I can understand his desire to be close to Maya by way of Emily, but I'm still not sure he's even Maya's cousin. Did Emily drink some sort of magic potion to make her alluring to everyone? I want some!

Teresa: This was probably the worst moment for the season because we knew it was coming and there was no way to avoid it. He was super aggressive about it, despite knowing that Emily was not interested. And why did Emily let him kiss her for so long? It seems like she's really happy with Paige, but I guess she's just keeping up with her friends. Seriously, everyone of these girls has made out with someone else while being interested or involved with someone else.

Nick: While I don't think it was the most amazing story choice I do understand the actions behind it. There was nothing romantic about it; I saw it as just a distraction to mask the pain they were feeling.

Leigh: I think he was just said and looking for something or someone to dull the pain. Emily is his best connection to his cousin who he lost, so naturally they have bonded. Seemed natural and comfortable to him.

Now that we know Ezra was acting off because he found Maggie, what's next?
Carissa: Someone mentioned it last week, I believe. There has to be a mini Ezra coming to town. First of all, NOBODY on television ever gets abortions, and to find her without a child would be plain boring. 

Teresa: Ezra's lovechild will totally make an appearance. That's the kind of drama that's too good to pass up. 

Nick: I'm sure Baby Fitz will make an appearance soon. Aria and Ezra seem to face more "grown-up" stories now.

Leigh: Three words: baby mama drama.

Are you expecting any more insight into A before the summer finale?
Carissa: Nope. I think we'll learn about the ultimate betrAyal, but it will have little to do with A, and it will shock the girls even more. On the other hand, we still have the blood on the anklet and Hanna's attachment to it to contend with, so that might provide another clue. I'm still thinking A's ultimate hatred is toward someone other than our four Pretty Little Liars.

Teresa: I'm thinking we'll only find out who killed Maya, which may or may not have connections to A. But we'll get lots of teasers...frustrating little teasers. 

Nick: I think at the most one of the As will be unmasked, but that's it. The mystery seems to focus on Maya only.

Leigh: Hopefully we will finally get filled in on Emily's blackout night, thus providing us with more insight. Maybe one member of the A team will be revealed, but most likely Maya's killer. 

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.


PART 4 The N.A.T. Club disbanded after Ian graduated from high school because it had been his idea to begin with and no one else had the brains to keep up the sophisticated image of the club in front of other students and staff. Instead, the Orgy Club returned to its origins as a purely out-of-school fun time. But who took charge of the Orgy Club? Why, the sleazy Kahn brothers of course and their large creepy wooden mansion barn house thing!! Paige has been a member of the Orgy Club since first entering high school. She needed some place to explore her lesbian side. After coming out as a lesbian, she officially quit. She was not a part of the inner circle and has no idea about the underground porno business.


The goal of The A Team was to scare Alison into giving up her snooping. Alison kept a detailed record of everything she learned. Many Orgy Club members didn't know about the club's porno business. It was hard to tell who was a part of the inner circle and who wasn't. Alison blackmailed Jenna (with the footage of her and Toby) into helping her. It is unclear for how long Jenna was a double agent and on whose side she ultimately ended up on. The threats were getting out of control so Alison considered letting her friends in the loop so they could help her. However, around that time, someone on The A Team had decided they had had enough and killed her. Ian knew who that someone was and on the night of her death had actually tried to warn her. In the process, he became a target himself and was closely observed for a year after that. The original killer deemed Ian no longer trustworthy to keep the secret and killed him.


That is when he began to gather.................. The A Team. It was composed of people who were desperate to keep the N.A.T. (Orgy) Club open because it benefited them in some way. He called it The A Team, obviously, because they were after Alison. Ian was convinced Alison was with them because she was selling out her friends (Hannah, Aria, Spencer, Emily) as porno material; so Garrett kept his A Team activities secret from Ian. The A Team had many members including:
Jenna: lonely from being new girl in town. joined for companionship.
Lucas: was a dork and constantly made fun of by more than just Alison.
Mona: another insecure dork.
Noel Kahn: comes from a sleezy family in general. His big bro was also a member.
Many other people we don't know. Many of the people on the A Team joined because they hated Ali. They hated Ali because she tortured them at school. She tortured them at school for being N.A.T. members.


For her revenge plot, Alison needed to have loyal minions and needed to find proof of the pornography. Knowing how Wilden had managed to gain loyal followers by endearing losers, she decided to do the same. She set her sights on Insecure Hefty Hannah, Insecure Conservative Emily, and Insecure Super Nerd Spencer. Alison decided she needed a crutch for now, who didn't need a ton of transforming. Artsy Semi-goth Aria fit the bill. Alison tested the girls in many ways, especially Aria, always forcing her on the offensive. To find proof of the pornography, Ali began to hit on Ian because he was in charge. Little did she know it was actually Garrett who kept the pornography under lock and key. It was also Garrett who decided who got to join the club's inner circle. Any case, she would flirt with Ian and he took the bait. They had many rendezvous and soon Ian was wrapped around her finger. Garrett knew what she was up to and decided something had to be done about it. That is when he began to gather.................. The A Team. It was composed of people who were desperate to keep the N.A.T. (Orgy) Club open because it benefited them in some way. He called it The A Team, obviously, because they were after Alison.


how characters we know fit into this plot:
Melissa: uptight stick up her ass conceited snob loser. Though she did well at school, she had no friends and despite being hot, was never asked out. Joined club to get laid.
Ezra: was invited to join because of his wealthy background. Rejected offer in favor of his academics and literature. Was aware of club but not their business.
Meredith: superficial shallow conceited brainless slut. joined club due to infatuation with Wilden. She starred in the club's pornography because she "loved" Wilden and he wanted her too. She is scarred from that experience. The footage was used as blackmail against her to stay quiet about the club. She is hooked on Byron because he actually sees her as a person.
Jason: joined as Wilden's lackey but due to being high and drunk never gained full membership. His parents sent him off to boarding school leaving Alison completely vulnerable.
Ian: took over leadership after Wilden graduated. Met Melissa at a club meeting where they immediately hitched it off.


All the horny teens kept hitting on her and groping her. Jason was always high or drunk so he never even noticed the damage he was doing to his sister. Later in life when he had sobered, he wouldn't remember most of what happened at "club meetings". His relationship with his sister would forever be hostile and he could never figure out exactly why. Many other girls were manipulated and tricked as well. The N.A.T. club profited and expanded. They held more lavish parties that attracted even larger crowds and wealthy kids. Alison became vengeful but Wilden belittled her threats. He said she had no proof so no one would believe her - not even her parents. Alison decided to take down the N.A.T. club from the inside but instead of being a model, wanted to be a paid member. She would set up girls to be videotaped. Wilden agreed.


The club's new name was N.A.T. (Nude Asses Together). The school board thought it meant Nerds' Association for Technology, where members learned how modern technologies work. Ian knew appearances had to be maintained, so they bought cameras and lights and sound systems and he actually taught members how the equipment worked. Ian knew the school funds wouldn't cover much. He decided the club would need another source of income. President Wilden approved Ian's plan for the club to make and sell... pornography. But who would be their porn star? It had to be an official member who would commit and never tell. Stoner Jason had finally found an opportunity to contribute to the club. He offered them Alison, his cute little sister. Jason began bringing her to club meeting at school where they took pictures of her. She enjoyed the attention not knowing what was really happening. Eventually he started bringing her to the Orgy Club out-of-school meetings. She was disillusioned quickly. All the horny teens kept hitting on her and groping her. Jason was always high or drunk so he never even noticed the damage he was doing to his sister. Later in life when he had sobered, he wouldn't remember most of what happened at "club meetings". His relationship with his sister would forever be hostile and he could never figure out exactly why.


Wilden coaxed his future minions to join the Orgy Club. Chubby Garrett was awkward fat sweaty and greasy. He was the happiest to join the Orgy Club thinking it would transform him into somebody like Wilden. Wilden took him under his wing, told him his own story, and kept his close. Garrett became the most loyal to Wilden, even years later when he decided to follow him into his career. Stoner Jason was going with the flow. He was just happy to be in a place of mutual acceptance and where he could escape his family's pressures. Nerd Ian was a different case. He came from a sophisticated background. Basements, dust, drunken stupors, and bodily fluids all disgusted him. He wanted to join but there had to be an upgrade. He kept up with an awesome plan than Wilden set in motion. They would register the Orgy Club as an actual club at school under a different name in order to get free school funds. Ian wasn't a good liar so Wilden did all the talking with teachers and staff to make it so. The club new name was N.A.T. (Nude Asses Together). The school board thought it meant Nerd's Association for Technology, where members learned how modern technology's work.


Wilden Sr. passed away from liver failure in the summer before senior year. He died proud of the handsome man his son grew to be. Wilden hated the man his father died as. His father felt like nothing more than hazy memory. His father's funeral was like a painful hangover, something he wished would go away. Wilden imagined himself a dog masturbating on his dad's gravestone as a worthy goodbye. Later that night, he got hammered in a 3some. The Orgy Club was not a sexy thing to ordinary pretty people. The Orgy Club was actually a loser haven where losers could get laid by banging each other. The Orgy Club met once every two weeks, most of the time in old abandoned buildings or in someone's broken a.c. hot basement. Nobody in the club was particularly wealthy so there was almost never any alcohol. Participants spent whatever money they had on condoms. This was fine by Wilden because to these losers he was a God. Besides, hot chicks showed up for these things just for the exclusive opportunity of boning him.


When I first conceived this story, I thought up a lot of details but I'm just going to post the abridged version so I don't have to do 100 separate posts. PART 2
Basically Wilden became sex obsessed but because he was an unattractive loser couldn't get any action. Over the years he worked to transform himself into the hottest buffest most charismatic kid at school. In junior year he officially joined the popular crowd. In the last two months of school, he founded an underground orgy club that partied all summer. Come senior year, he became top dog. A leader has to have followers though, and he needed some guys who needed him who would be loyal to him. He zeroed in on 3 freshman, fresh from the loser press: Chubby Garrett, Nerdy Ian, and Stoner Jason.

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