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i think its not paige too obvious ...PLL wants to surprise every time ...they found out that paige is little creepy ...so what ...Nate is good guess because we dont even know he is really mayas cousin... and if its not Nate we will bedefinatelly suprised


I think Nate is the one who killed Maya. He made up the story of being related to Maya just to get close to Emily. Page should be mad who wouldn't here girlfriend was kissing someone else.


Carissa, I think Hanna and Emily found the bag first, then A locked them later. Not the other way around.


Oh and pretty sure he will try to kill Emily in the finale because she stole Maya from him.


Paige clearly didn't kill Maya. Pll loves red herrings and that's exactly what all this Paige nonsense is. So she got mad when she saw her girlfriend kissing someone else...a guy at that. Who wouldn't. She's been dicked around by Emily so much I feel bad for her. Maya's crazy ex boyfriend... I mean cousin... on the other hand he's a psycho and clearly he killed her.




1. Carissa has a good theory. Maybe A was keeping whoever killed Maya out, rather than keep the girls locked in. Either way, Hanna and Emily should get Caleb to hack into the security camera system to watch the tape from that night to see if A is on camera.
2. Paige probably killed Maya out of love-jealousy.
3. Nate is probably Maya's ex-boyfriend who is a little unhinged that Maya dumped him for Emily. Maybe Nate killed Maya because of it and now he's moving his psychoness in on Emily. Paige could come to her rescue.
4. Please, Maggie took the money and ran, and never got the abortion. In fact, she probably had twins and is related to Allison some how.
5. I don't think they'll give us two A's in two seasons. I think we'll find out who killed Maya but not who killed Ali. We won't know who A is until the end of next season.

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