Pretty Little Liars Finale Clips: Tears and Fears

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ABC Family is making it as clear as possible in its Pretty Little Liars promos for this Tuesday's summer finale: someone is about to commit the greatest betrayal in show history.

Or the greatest betrAyal, we should say.

Who will it be? Let the guessing games begin. In the meantime, check out three clips from "The Lady Killer," starting with a crime scene that leave Hanna in uncontrollable tears:

Elsewhere, Spencer will confront Paige in the school hallway. And the combating sparks will fly:

Finally, Mona only utters four words in this sneak peek. But they're a frightening four words:

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It would be brilliant if the pastor was Paige's father! But I remember we already met her dad when he had an outburst at school accusing Emily of favoritism in the swim team because she was a lesbian... but still, he could have been her stepfather.


There were two ambulances in the crime scene, one left first with the siren on, so somebody was injured and needed to be rushed to the hospital (I guess that's Caleb who was on the search for A on his own) and then the police says there was a deceased person and asked Emily if they were friends but she did not answer immediately (so not Nate and surely not Ashley) and then he asked if she new the victim, she looked at an upset Hannah and said yes. That leaves as with Mona being dead. Hannah wouldn't be that much upset about Wren or Lucas. Also, Mona dies in the books.


I agree with Ludovica about the pastor being dangerous and having moved Ian and taken the usb memory. Pretty good theory! Also, A likes ice cream and he likes ice cream (on the date with Ella). Didn't anyone else notice in the flashback when Ali is talking to Paige (when she was putting the paper under the sign), she said "I'll give it to daddy, isn't he that big old deacon at
the church?" So, he probably is Paige's father. Maybe his daughter is the psycho who killed Alison and he is trying to cover up for her.


He mentioned multiple times that he hikes and does other sports so he definitely had the strenght to carry away the body. The person in the greenhouse who lost the cellphone could not have been Mona. It was taller and stronger than Emily who is a swimmer who just a few episodes ago broke wooden window shuttes with a baseball bat! Plus, a pastor knows many secret because people trust him and tell him spontaneously. Nobody would suspect pastors cause most of the times they are amazing people, but what if this was very very shady and people from the church were involved in the A team as well? They definitely have the means to do the things that the A team is able to do. We are talking about people who steal bodies from the ground so anything is possible, and it's likely that the puppeteer behind all this is not some angry teenager, but a major pshycho, like a deviant crazy middle age man.


Where is the scene set? Hanna's house? If Hanna is so upset Ashley might be the one who got hurt. The pastor she's dating is quite suspicious to me. It's not like they were exclusive or anything, but he also dated Ella when he already met Ashley... coincidence or interest in the girls?
It's also strange that the USB pen was only found now by the pastor. The police did not find that nor Ian's body when they were called by the girls. The pastor might have took the pen before they arrived AND Ian's body.


I agree with several of the people I think mona is the one who is dead maybe injured and I think the betrayal isnt going to be the type of betrayal everyone thinks it is... I think wren is the other one cause he is part of the A team and was trying to kill mona...


I really hope it's not Caleb.

Ava mila

Maybe it's Lucas. He was close to Hanna and he is probably part of the A-team. It can't be Mona or Caleb cause they were both filming the next episodes.
Or it's Nate who gets killed while trying to kill Emily or something and Hanna is upset because Mona gets injured..


In the pictures they released Emily's hands are covered in blood. I would say that's why they are questioning her.


I agree with xmeg816x I bet is Mona, or Caleb is the one that is hurt, that would make Hannah look so upset without the girls being upset too, I think Emily was near thats why teh police is interrogating her

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