Pretty Little Liars Finale Clips: Tears and Fears

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ABC Family is making it as clear as possible in its Pretty Little Liars promos for this Tuesday's summer finale: someone is about to commit the greatest betrayal in show history.

Or the greatest betrAyal, we should say.

Who will it be? Let the guessing games begin. In the meantime, check out three clips from "The Lady Killer," starting with a crime scene that leave Hanna in uncontrollable tears:

Elsewhere, Spencer will confront Paige in the school hallway. And the combating sparks will fly:

Finally, Mona only utters four words in this sneak peek. But they're a frightening four words:

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hanna is really upset, my guess on Wren, i just hopr it's nope Caleb


It's Mona or Caleb who dies clearly. Most likely Mona because if it was Caleb the other girls would appear upset. I really hope the betrayal they keep hyping is actually surprising not one of the characters have suspected is bad


I think Jenna is the one who dies. I know Hanna is crying incessantly but I think that might be over the injured person - who I would guess is Mona- and/or because she is relieved that nobody close to her is dead. Aria says, 'It's okay' in the sneak peek so I reckon she's just trying to calm her down which makes me think that nobody close to her dies. Jenna gave Emily that weird/creepy warning at the end of the last episode so maybe she gets mixed up in something with Nate or Mona and ends up swimming with the fishes. It's be a pretty surprising turn if it is her.


None of the clips will play for me.

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