Pretty Little Liars Teaser: Trapped by A

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Pretty Little Liars played The Kahn Game this week.

Who came out on top? We may not know for certain for awhile, but at least we can look forward to next Tuesday's installment. Titled "What Lies Beneath," the episode will feature Hanna and Emily seeking clues about Maya at a cabin in the woods.

Elsewhere, look for Spencer to investigate Noel and for Aria to attempt understand all she's learned about Ezra's background. Watch the official ABC Family promo and get an idea of what's to come now:

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Ezra has one secret after another that he somehow justifies not telling Aria about. First the ex girlfriend, then the snotty family, selling his car (that wasn't his), now about a girl he got pregnant in high school - which I bet turns out that she didnt have an abortion and there is a mini Ezra running around.
He ain't as perfect as the tweens make him out to be.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I don't think she was gutting fish.


Are we still fighting without actually fighting?

Aria (to Ezra)

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