Rizzoli & Isles Review: A Family Thing

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"Home Town Glory" didn't feature a lot of glory for anyone, except perhaps the one person who deserved it.

I couldn't believe that Jane and Maura tried to keep Lydia's identity a secret from Angela. Not only wasn't it fair, it was foolish.

Lydia may not be the smartest woman on the planet, but her instincts were right. Angela deserved to be told the truth. Especially when they found out that she was planning Lydia a baby shower.

Should Jane & Maura Tell the Truth?

The sad part, one of many, was that Lydia didn't even know the identity of the father of her baby. She fooled around with Tommy, then she fell in love with Frank and the bastard left her when she told him about the child.

Daddy Rizzoli's turning out to be quite a guy. Angela's lucky to be rid of him, even if she doesn't feel that way right now.

It would be smart if Lydia got that paternity test. At least then she could try and get some child support, which she desperately needs and Jane and Frankie would know if this child is their half sibling or a niece or nephew.

I was a little upset with Jane that she dumped Lydia off at her trashy, alcoholic mother's and never looked back. I know she was angry but that seemed kind of cold. Lydia's basically a nice person in a tough spot and the Rizzoli men haven't treated her well. Perhaps there's still time for the Rizzoli women to step up and help.

Poor Angela was heartbroken to find out Lydia's connection to her ex and that her entire family knew and didn't tell her. She felt she was being pitied when all they were trying to do was protect her. 

As much as I appreciated Jane and Frankie telling their mom how proud they were of her, what struck me the most was Maura's sentiment that she shared in this Rizzoli & Isles quote:

 I always wanted a mother like you. | permalink

If that didn't snap Angela out of her funk, nothing would.

And speaking of mothers, will we ever hear about Maura's biological mother and dying half sister? That was a pretty big cliffhanger they left us with a few weeks back and it feels odd that they haven't even mentioned it.

But families can be odd, or in the case of murder victim Shane's family, they can be downright brutal. That his two brothers shot him multiple times, watching him beg for his life until they finally figured out how to deliver the final blow, was horrifying. 

I guess those boys learned about family from their abusive father who sold them out for millions. Now the sons murdered their own sibling in the hopes of making millions when all he wanted to do was use his celebrity to help people. That's pitiful.

With the season finale in two weeks, do you think we'll see more of Casey? Will Maura's bio Mom pop back into the picture? Or would you prefer an old fashioned Rizzoli & Isles in peril type of ending?


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I want to see Casey back!


I was wondering where all those Croatian girls went after they were rescued.
It would have been great fun to have them shuffled off to Maura's guest house. That could have made for some hilarious interactions between Jane and Maura. Also, I find it hard to believe that a brilliant woman like Dr. Martin
couldn't put 2+2 together about Maura. After all, she named her baby Maura and heres this woman that is the same age as your dead baby would be, her name is Maura, she looks like you and you have a burning affinity for her....


"I was a little upset with Jane that she dumped Lydia off at her trashy, alcoholic mother's and never looked back. I know she was angry but that seemed kind of cold. Lydia's basically a nice person in a tough spot and the Rizzoli men haven't treated her well. Perhaps there's still time for the Rizzoli women to step up and help."
ME TOO! I was practically shouting at Jane and Maura to put the stuff back in the car and take Lydia back to Maura's house, because otherwise she will obviously get mistreated by her mother's new "renter" who even sounds creepy! I also hope that we see Casey and Jane interact before the season ends, and that Maura's half sister and her bio mother come back and ask for her forgiveness, because they treated her so badly the last time they were in town


I'm glad that someone told Angela. Lydia's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she was right in telling Angela. I hope that we do find out soon who the father is. I'm sure this is not the end of Lydia. Didn't this actress play the, "I don't know who the father is" character on Friends? Talk about type casting. I think Casey should appear soon also. And Maura's bio mother, has to come back at some point. I'm sure when Maura's sister gets really sick and is facing death, one or the other will contact Maura.


Frank Sr is no Husband of the Year but he left Lydia because she told him the baby might be his son's. That seems like a justifiable reaction. Jane was right to put to her foot down and drop Lydia at her mother's, even though the girl is in a tough spot, shes a grown woman who needs to come to terms with the choices shes made. Atleast they let her keep her presents and Angela encouraged her to get a job. Plus Casey said he needed some time, they didn't become a couple right away and there was something about clinical trials he had to attend too.


@ CroLuva the next episode in two weeks is the summer finale. I saw that on TNT's website they do come back sometime in winter with 5 more episodes.


you mentioned "season" finale? I thought it was "summer" finale and that it would come back for a few in the fall??, NO??? or do we wait again until spring/summer?? and yes, I really think they need to close Maura's mom's segment instead of acting like it never occured!! and Casey too!! But I do enjoy Rizzoli & Isles!!!


I liked this episode because it again like last week had Jane and Maura together alot. Yes, I agree the ending with Maura telling Angela that she always wanted a mother like her was perfect, very touching. Maura and Angela are building a nice little "mother/daughter" friendship that is cute. I bet we will see Maura's bio family in the winter episodes. I really do not care if Casey is around as long as we still have the friendship front and center. I do not like when they take time away from Jane and Maura interactions.


i was thinking the same thing about Casey! where the heck is he??? i thought they reconnected!

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