Robert Wagner, Daniel Luis Rivas Returning to NCIS

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This NCIS casting news was actually revealed earlier this month, but in case anyone missed it, popular guest stars Robert Wagner and Daniel Luis Rivas are returning in Season 10.

Wagner, as Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. will return “right around Christmas, in a holiday episode,” show-runner Gary Glasberg says of what is sure to be another memorable installment.

One can't help but wonder what impact, if any, he'll have on Tiva taking things further this year. Also back in NCIS Season 10? Rivas, who debuted last year as Abby's brother:

Rivas on NCIS Set

Pauley Perrette (Abby) shared this photo on Twitter as confirmation that her character's younger brother Kyle in a new storyline that unfolds in the wake of the explosion in the Season 9 finale.

Rivas will appear in an early October episode. What do you think lies ahead for Abby and Kyle, who is presumably still unaware of his connection to the team's forensics wizard?

NCIS Season 10 begins September 25. Mark your calendars!

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Gibbs we love you. Your giving us all a stroke.


for a second i was like... is that ray?! Had a bit of a heart attack


He also Voice Dark Vader


OK, I must state that I just read that season 10 will start in Sept. Very cool guys, very cool!!!


If that's really the way they have ended NCIS, to me that is blatant disrespect for its fans; how could you do that???? The only show that I know of that cared enough for the fans, came back for a two hour movie two complete everything for the fans, was Farscape, and I will never forget that. Those were people who cared!!


yeah Michael I believe they cast Billy Dee Williams (Brian's Song) will be playing Leroy Jethro


Cool can't wait. I want to see Abby and Kyle storyline and if he will know now there brother and sister. I wonder what is Tony SR up to now. Yes Sean (McGee) has sign he will be back on for season 10


They also cast the guys who Gibbs was name from

Sue ann

Kyle makes for double the sweetness, and Senior makes for double the charm.


I think from the information listed above, that Pauley and Michael are returning next season. Has Sean (McGee) signed his contract yet? I hope he has, NCIS wouldn't be the same without him.

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