Rookie Blue Round Table: "Out of Time"

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"Out of Time" concluded an intense two-part episode or Rookie Blue... with an abduction, a birth and a death that shocked many viewers.

In this edition of the Round Table, TV Fanatic staffer Christine Orlando is joined by Rookie Blue fan Chuck, and Kathryn and Nathalie from the Two Worlds Collide Fan Forum. Jump in as discusses Luke's return, Nick's questionable behavior and who predicted Jerry's horrible demise...


What was your favorite scene?
Chuck: The scene with Noelle and Frank with their new baby!

Kathryn: I'd say threeway tie between a dying Jerry picking himself up to tackle the killer and plant his cell phone, Frank coming in to see Noelle and his new baby, and Traci getting the news too late from Andy. The writing and acting was just incredible in this episode!!

Nathalie: Andy describing the assault because Sam was caressing her shoulder/back in it was so soothing.

Christine: Oddly enough it was Jerry being stabbed. Those few moments were so intense it was hard to watch.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Did you suspect Jerry would be killed?
Chuck: I didn't suspect it at all! So shocked!

Kathryn: Yes, unfortunately. When the early interviews mentioned a tragedy and losing someone from Div 15, I narrowed it down to Jerry as the most likely person, and then a spoiler  confirmed it ahead of time. But it still killed me to see it happen. I miss him already! I think our favorite characters are going to have a very hard time recovering from this.

Nathalie: I knew he would be. But I was gobsmacked anyway, it physically hurt to watch this scene.

Christine: I'm with Chuck on this one. I didn't see it coming until Jerry knocked on that door alone. Then I got a sick feeling he wouldn't be walking out.

Are you happy to have Luke back?
Chuck: Very happy to have Luke (and Eric Johnson) back! He was missed!

Kathryn:  Very!! It's going to be really interesting to see how he's changed and how he fits in after his time away. Plus, it's great to have Eric Johnson back for the #RBparty live tweets with the fans!

Nathalie:  Yes I am, he seems a bit changed, liking the badass/scruffy look. I really missed Eric more than Luke actually but I'm interested to see how he'll fit into the current dynamic of the show.

Christine: Honestly I'd almost forgotten about him but I'm looking forward to seeing how he plays into the new Sam and Andy dynamic.

Was Nick in the wrong for not calling Gail back?
Chuck: Yes, very wrong!

Kathryn: Yes, and I'm very curious about why he ignored her. Was he just sick of her hot and cold routine, or was he actually sleeping around? It also upset me that he didn't step forward immediately on his own to tell Jerry or Luke about the calls. He's starting to tilt into the dirtbag zone unless we find out more to excuse some of his behavior. Plus, Chris just broke my heart the whole episode.

Nathalie: Hard to say... It was 2 a.m., if he was tired I can understand. On the other hand he knew what Gail had been through during the evening so he maybe should've picked up or called back to see if she was okay.

Christine: Yes, and I am more than a little suspicious of why he didn't call her back.

What should Noelle and Frank name their baby?
Chuck: How about Frances and they could call her "Frankie."

Kathryn: Hmm, good question. Someone on Twitter mentioned Jeri. I can't decide if that would be cool or morbid. Plus, they already had picked one before. So I don't know. I'm a bit of a freak for a woman, I guess, because I don't care that much about baby names. I'd be happy with anything with a good story behind it.

Nathalie: I'm very bad with baby names. I like Aisha or Kelly.

Christine: Maybe Jeri as a middle name. I'm really curious to see what they come up with.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

Sarah silva

Was Nick in the wrong for not calling Gail back?
Not really as Gail wanted a friends with benefits relationship, and she had yet to tell him she wanted more so I do not think he was wrong to not answer. What should Noelle and Frank name their baby? Jeri

Sarah silva

What was your favorite scene? For me it was the last two Jerry and Sam scenes. I will miss their bromance. Did you suspect Jerry would be killed? I did not think he would be killed until he entered the house, and still then I was hoping they would get to him sooner and he would have been okay after months of recovery. Are you happy to have Luke back? Yes and no. I did not like Luke cheating on Andy eventhough I prefer her with Sam, it was still a jerky thing to do. However I do like Eric Johnson and I think Luke may be a changed man so we will see!


Loved Chris's response, I think he truely cares for Gail and I am hoping this gets them back together. I have thought that they were the best couple on the show and just hate the way they broke them up after all that Chris did for her. Including standing up to her mother and not caring if she was infected. Just not a believable way to break them up like they did. Jeri as a first name would be just so wrong but a middle name would be cool. Like Luke being back, no reason just like him as an actor. Thought it most likely was Jerry since the preview of Jerry and the guy fighting.


Best episode yet - only thing that would have made it better would have been a McSwarek bedroom scene (but that's just me in my lala land - Sam caressing Andy's back was nice). Love the fact that Eric is back - and once I heard he was coming back, it narrowed my suspicions as to who died (because based on the interviews before the season started and the fact that Missy denied it so quickly when Ben had mentioned something, alarm bells went off in my head that someone was dying). Great round table - can't wait for next week!


Second thing, is that I started wondering if Nick not answering was because he found out she spread the rumor about him having an STD. I think he's been intentionally trying to make Gail jealous, but he may have been a little irritated at the response his flirting with the girl I'm sure he has no interest in provoked.


So fun to read everyone else's answers, as always! Just wanted to add two things. First, the reason that I settled on Jerry as the one likely to die wasn't because I thought he was the weakest link in a cast that has no weak links or anything. It was because interviews mentioned it affecting the whole Division, but particularly Sam. Since they're clearly not going to kill Andy, that left Jerry or Oliver. Or if they had only brought him in for one season, it could have been Nick if he died while partnered with Sam, and Sam let him have too much autonomy because of McNally's control freak teasing. Those were the only possibilities that seemed likely to me, and I just didn't think they'd risk the fan wrath of killing Oliver. Seeing his marriage hit the rocks was hard enough.


As sad and devastated I am at the loss of Jerry, I thought this was a brilliant episode! It's real because cops put their lives on the line every day they carry that badge around. But the death added a new element that the characters are going to have to deal with head on. Great Round Table this week! I always enjoy reading the differences and similarities everyone taking part has about the same episode.


This was hands down the best episode of Rookie Blue. Yes, i'm extremely sad that Jerry died but there's alot of different story lines to come out of it also. Super excited to have Luke back. Well, more excited to have Eric Johnson back on the show! The acting in this episode was absolutely fantastic. I have not one complaint. Wonderful episode even though it left me in tears! tore at my heart strings!

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