Royal Pains Review: Work In Progress

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Between the fast cars, fast women and MMA fighters, HankMed found itself on a high-speed chase to tackle the concepts of "Business and Pleasure" simultaneously this hour.

Royal Pains set a lot of potential plot points in motion this episode, and it's got me wondering which ones will pay back solid dividends.

Hank Works Undercover

Take the interplay between Boris, Christina and Hank. I was suspicious from the beginning about how quickly Hank and Christina were moving. But how ridiculous is it to think that Boris was using Hank to test out his own level of feelings - or lack thereof - for Christina? Shouldn't he be over her by now?

Honestly, Boris has got a child and a woman who love him already. Why aren't we seeing more of Marissa? Boris should be more concerned about them and less concerned about an old flame. Furthermore, he should be above sabotaging another man's relationship with her. No one can tell me that Boris didn't plant that doubt in Hank's mind on purpose.

Good for Hank that he refused to be on Boris' leash any longer. It was a ridiculous plot point anyway to have Hank on-call like that. About time he drew the line! I just hope it doesn't affect them living at Shadow Pond. We've already done that once - forcing them to move out and all - no need to go there again.

Like I'm sure I've mentioned before, I wasn't a huge fan of Christina in the first place. She came on a little strong and didn't quite seem to the girl-next-door type that I envision Hank settling down with in the future. Plus, I just wasn't a big fan of how fast-moving their little tryst was.

If there is anyone I would have supported a fling with, it would have been Sam, our well-dressed undercover DEA agent. I think she's right up Hank's alley, and I would have loved for her to have hung around for more than an episode!

Speaking of hanging out, I really enjoyed the emphasis on Divya and Dr. Sacani developing a working relationship. Divya has a gentle patience for Jeremiah that makes their relationship fun to watch.

I think Jeremiah's really grown under her tutelage in many ways. He seems to want to try and connect with others on some level. I really hope that it's with Divya's help.

Now I don't want to jump the gun or anything, but what are the chances Dr. Sacani may develop a little crush on Divya? I'm kind of thinking that I wouldn't be opposed to it in the future, even if I don't see him as the love of Divya's life. I don't quite think we've dealt with the close-colleagues-in-love storyline yet. And, no, Hank and Jill don't count! So it might be fun to see play out in some form later on.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Evan getting Gelato on the Italian leather seats of that Ferrari. Priceless.
  • Evan R. Lawson's (brief) moment of glory when he thought he won the Ferrari, only to find out that the winner was named Evelyn Lawson. Great play by the writers on that one. Did it trick you?
  • Dr. Sacani sharing his epic Ferrari with HankMed. Way to make a BFFL, Jeremiah!
  • An MMA fighter as emotional mess. What a strange juxtaposition.
  • Dr. Sacani pulling the fire alarm to keep JJ from crying in front of his opponent.

 So, Hamptonites, Do you think Dr. Sacani is on the path to being the most social guy in the room? Or does he have a long way to go?


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i think divya and dr. sacani would be adorable together. i hope a romance between the two happens.


@Tyler - I agree with you.
Dr. Sacani has a crush on Divya, and he was trying to ask her out. The question is: is it really a crush or he just likes her confidence and way of handling things? I'm glad Christina is out of the picture, never liked her. What's with Van Dyk? Where was he?


OK, lemme get this outta the way...Evan? Babies? No. I don't see it. He's too engrossed in making money, gaining new clients, and as we saw last night, driving a Ferrari as much and as fast as he can; his character would have to do a complete 180 before he becomes a daddy. As for this ep, I'm kinda'm VERY glad Christina's gone. I'm just a little gray on why, if the summit was over as were Christina's duties, why Boris still thought she was an employee he could terminate? Unless of course, it was an ego/jealousy thing... I did think it kinda cute that Sacani tried to ask Divya on a date--even had flash cards to help. Kinda reminded me of "Sheldon" on "The Big Bang Theory" and his "friendship flowchart" that went awry. And the fact that Sacani is sitting on a ton o' money after his mentor's death was an interesting twist. As for the illness of the week, I noticed that there wasn't much discussion about that--I didn't find them very interesting either. Their "discovery" reminds me of "House" where something said during the 53rd minute sparks an epiphany and we get a diagnosis. As for the Boris/Hank storyline, it seems like the writers are TRYING to create some intrigue and drama, but I'm not feelin' it. Hank accompanying Boris to NY and the ensuing summit amounted to nothing more than Hank looking after a grumpy diabetic and gettin' a little nookie.


It was Evelyn Larson not Lawson right? I I agree with Mickey! I adore Paige and Evan's relationship, and I hope they don't mess with it, I want to see the marriage and babies... imagine how many funny plotlines it could add... and the family situation is rel life. I like how despite Hank seemingly being the more conservative brother, he is more of an unpredictable ladies man in the end! I love Divya (still hoping for a reunioon with Adam!), and I think the new doctors are improving more each week, it is nice how the show is slowly fleshing them out. It was good to see Hank stand firm with Boris... although I do love Boris!!


I am really starting to like Dr. Sacani. Maybe it's because of his Asperger like personality. I know a few people on the Autism spectrum, Asperger's is at the high achieving end, but social situations are painful for Aspie's. They have to work really hard at their relationships and social interactions. Dr. Sacani is brilliant medically but Divya is teaching him how to interact on an emotional level. I hope their friendship really grows and maybe way way down the road blossoms into something more. Hank's relationship with Boris is weird. Is he his doctor, friend, confidante, houseguest? What? I could see Sam the DEA agent coming back. She and Hank have chemistry. Evan and Paige are perfect together. I hope the writers don't mess with their relationship. I want the big wedding, the newlywed situations, maybe a pregnancy or two, healthy baby Lawsons. Since Hank is considered the most successful professionally, I want Evan to be years ahead of Hank on the home front. Hanks arrogance rubs me raw some times. Hank may have the medical skills but it has always been Evan and Divya to some extent, that built the business. Hank would have been content tending to people for free, but Evan and Divya had vision.


I'm pretty sure Dr. Sacani already has a crush on her, he was trying to ask her out to eat.

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