Saving Hope Review: Miss Diagnosis

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Two weeks ago, Saving Hope left viewers on the edge of their seats. Would Charlie die? Would he wake up? Would Dawn change her mind? Would Alex punch Dawn in the face in Charlie's hospital room? And what about Joel's hand?

Tonight, "Bea, Again" answered all those questions and asked a few more.

Joel Breaks His Hand

All of the present day events in felt glossed over and somewhat contrived. The previous episode's cliffhangers were turned into non-starters, really. Where there could've been decent drama and serious consequences, it feels like the writers settled for somewhat happy endings. Or at least quick endings.

First things first: Charlie isn't dead. In fact, he doesn't seem to be dying at all, despite what his In Between friend "Mac" would have had him believe in the beginning of tonight's episode. So that's good news. But he's still not awake, so there's that. (To read some of Charlie and Mac's exchanges, check out the Saving Hope quotes page.)

Dawn's also not going to stop him from being revived should his condition decline. Since they know he's breathing well on his own, she's had a change of heart. There was way too much ex-wife face-touching going on tonight. Dawn's clearly not over Charlie even if she did just try to kill him.

Over in the In Between, Charlie and his former colleague discovered the patient's missed diagnosis before the other doctors did. Charlie's penchant for doing this is starting to bug me just a little bit. It's like the "A HA!" moment Dr. House had every single week. But, of course, Alex figured it out, so now she and Shahir are on a quest to find a new diagnosis now that one of Charlie's former patients has set them on that path.

In the rest of the hospital, Joel's hand is going to be fine after his drunken bar brawl. Gavin and Maggie had an awkward talk over croissants and coffee. Gavin thought they'd made progress but Maggie's "seeing someone." It's clear that she and Joel haven't had a chance to talk yet, not that he'll tell her about how he's still in love with his ex who is in love with a man in a coma. I really need her to wake up and realize the boy right in front of her is the right one for her. Or at the very least, the better one.

The best part of tonight was actually the flashback - and I'm not usually a fan of flashbacks. Here, however, Charlie was the jerk-yet-not doctor he seemed to be in the pilot. Alex was brand new to her surgical residency. It was intriguing to see their relationship literally from the day of their very first meeting. What we're now all pulling for (ChAlex, if I might) started as a mentor and his protege. He was married to Dawn, who was jealous and territorial even then, so some things never change, and Alex was an eager new doctor.

Now that we've gone back in time that far, I find that I want more of their story. There are gaps to be filled in. How did they go from that day to a cab on the way to their wedding? Or better yet, did Charlie leave Dawn for Alex?

We've only got a few more weeks of Saving Hope this season, and it's still kind of a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, I think the cast is talented and there are parts of the show that are unique and interesting. But the storytelling is uneven and choppy, and there are far more questions than answers, and flashbacks only go so far before they start to feel like convenient plot devices. 

What did you think of "Bea, Again?" What do you think of season one so far?


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Catherine Disher from Forever Knight appears here as the lawyer and I am sorry to say that the years has not been kind to her since the said show.


I loved "Smallville" if you want to see Erica at her very best watch her falling in love with Clark Kent (Tom-yummy-Welling). She can kick ass but she can also break your heart with her love-sick face! Give the show a chance to find its feet. It's been picked up for another season so someone out there sees its potential. Its Canadian, its growing, and so is our credibility to really shine as Canadians=Rookie Blue! We can, and will RULE!


I’m completely torn… One week I’m in love, the next, not so much. I really do want to like this show, but it’s just missing that certain appeal. It has so much potential, and it’s so close to being spectacular…but not quite there. When “Heartsick� aired, I was back in the “I love this show� camp because of all the drama and angst and cliffhangers…and the acting was phenomenal. I couldn’t wait for “Bea, Again.� But it was so anticlimactic I was left utterly unfulfilled and unimpressed. Unfortunately, I found myself back in the “Maybe this show isn’t all that� camp. Now, as much as we all wanted it to happen, we all knew that Charlie wasn’t going to wake up – he can’t, or else the show would lose a major fundamental facet. And I must say I love Alex Reid (Erica Durance is exceptional), but this week…disappointed. Perhaps Alex’s extreme split-second mood swings were warranted given everything she was going through, but she’s better and stronger than that (as she’s demonstrated countless times before). The “Go to hell!� comment to Kinney was way over the top and childish – very uncharacteristic and unbelievable. I felt it was added just to give Kinney the ammunition she needed to remove Alex as chief surgical resident and give it to Reycraft. And why? Because Alex needs more to deal with? Do we really need to see her struggle through yet one more thing? Not to mention the fact that Kinney already denied Alex time off, and now she’s demoting her? Really? Not sure I understand that little twist. This episode wasn’t great, but I’ll continue to tune in. Again, there’s so much potential…if the artists can stop playing with the clay and make up their minds as to what they want to create, I think it will be a great show. But they need to get there fast before they lose their entire fan base.


They ruined a good chance at a great show. They could have had the accident, him in a coma, fade out and come to 5 or even 10 years later. Maybe when his body is reparing itself and he comes to in the in-between place. So much could have happened. Michael Shanks is so wooden here. He looks bored. I would be mad, sad, devastated, ... a host of emotions way above his complacency. He isn't shocked to see the ghost or souls of the dead or dying. If you believe in no after life why are their souls? Hello..... Erica Durance as Alex is like getting Lucy Lawless to play Mother Theresa.. It's a waste. This woman played kick-ass reporter Lois Lane. She was a action hero for goodness sake. Here? She's all weeping and soggy and ....... wasted. So disappointed.


I love this cast but it is so boring. Suits, Common Grounds, and every other USA show is so much better. Did they learn nothing from A Gifted Man, another great cast but no substance.


Most of the acting in fair except for the doctor in the coma..he is a terrible actor and why is he frowning when he is supposed to be in a coma??? really??


I missed the last 6 minutes of last night's episode. The last part I saw was when the ex-wife walked in Charlie's room. What happened?


Honestly,did we really need this show???

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Saving Hope Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Charlie: I'm not ready.
Mack: Nobody's ready. That's the point.

Mack: I've done this before and I have an impeccable bedside manner.
Charlie: Done what?
Mack: Help people cross over. Charlie, I'm here to help you die.