Suits Round Table: "Asterisk"

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Suits will wrap up its summer season on Thursday.

But before the USA Network smash hits "High Noon," let's go back and relive "Asterisk."

In the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Chandel Charles, Nick McHatton, Carla Day and Christine Orlando debate the best Louis moment of the week, while also mourning Nana Ross...


What was your favorite scene from this episode?
Chandel: Donna. Enough said.

Nick: Grammie embarrassing Mike in front of the people he cares about. It was a small scene, but it echoes to the character dynamics and what they really think of each othe

Carla: Other than the ones already mentioned, I loved that Rachel wanted Mike to be with her when she found out her LSAT results. It was even better when it was revealed she did so well on them. 172. Way to go, Rachel!

Christine: The standoff between Jessica and Daniel. I love how neither one of them are willing to back down. When he told Jessica "my lieutenant was all you were ever meant to be," it was like dangling meat in front of a tiger. This is going to be a bloodbath.

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What was the best Louis moment of the week?
Chandel: His little victory dance into the firm. I don't think anyone has ever been more full of himself. Then again, he's been waiting a long time for this, so it's definitely an understandable reaction.

Nick: Louis Skype-ing with his parents.

Carla: Louis finally got some balls when he gave it to Harvey about not being able to close him. He may have won that battle, but Harvey will make sure he pays for it down the line.

Christine: I loved watching Louis (and Donna) strutting into work with Disco Inferno playing. That was just hilarious.

How did you feel about the loss of Nana Ross?
Chandel: I was totally crushed. I loved Nana Ross, and it will be really difficult to have to watch Mike deal with her loss. Then again, I suppose they had to find a way to move Mike forward along as a character, as well as demonstrate that he is still very much a caring person.

Nick: I'm pretty sad over it. I loved the scenes she had with Mike because she was a grounding force for him. He could always rely on her for some wisdom or a swift kick in the ass. In many ways Mike, because of this, now has to make a choice for himself about the person he wants to be; he will no longer have the guidance of his Grammie, so he needs to develop and retain his own moral compass. Mike needs to fully step into adulthood now.

Carla: Surprised. Sad. Mike has no one left. Now that he is all alone with no family, I hope he doesn't make unforgivable mistakes.

Christine: It was heartbreaking to see Mike's face as he realized Nana would never even see the apartment he'd worked so hard to get her. I'll definitely miss their relationship. Nick is right. Now Mike has to decide just how he moves forward in life with Nana their to guide him.

Mike and Rachel: What's going on there?
Chandel:I think these two are going to continue to be in each other's orbit. The gravitational pull is too strong for them to not want to be together. Clearly Rachel is still willing to be there for Mike even with his big secret, and I think that will only be more apparent in the mid-season finale.

Nick: Something that didn't happen the last few times they've gotten close. There's truth and reliance that wasn't there before. There's less covering up and false pretenses.

Carla: They are so good together, whether at work, apartment shopping or motivating each other. They really are perfect for each other. It's too bad that Mike has this secret keeping them apart. Now that Rachel has done well on the LSAT, they should be one step closer to being together. With her career moving in the direction she wants, if she loves Mike, she's now more likely to be understanding of his lie.

Christine: Obviously they still care a great deal for one another and Rachel's willing to help Mike through this loss. I do just wish he'd tell her the truth. Watching them dance around their feelings is just frustrating.


For Louis, and yet he does something that I end up liking him. The strutting was beyond good. The whole cast is good sans Daniel. It's just the part he plays but he just plays it so well, you want to punch him.
Can't wait till the finale.


This show is the best show on tv. I like the courtroom thrown in the mix. Let Mike and Rachel come together for heaven's sake. I did not like the the other girl come out of nowhere after all the years just to see grammie's funeral. She had an alternative plan right from the beginning and I was disappointed Mike being so shallow. I know there a lot of people who disagree with me but that's my take on it. I love Jessica, the way she carries herself and how they wrote her in the show the way they did. I have such distain


I love this show. It gets better and better. I wish that this show can be on all year.


I have seen every episode of suits since it first aired except the one were he fires Donna. I missed that one. Hopefully they will put this season on tv for a day like they do burn notice or law & order SVU {with Elliot}.


I loved donna and only problem is am not a mike/rachel fan...I like them individually but not as a couple..I felt more chemistry with him and jenny,and am so pissed the writers just wrote her out of the show..don't these writers know that when it comes to love triangles u can't please both sides,so don't bother starting it..thank God the harvey/donna romance rumors were squashed..I prefer them as best buds.can't wait for friday


Everything that the others has said right on point.
I like the music from the opening credits and the music when harvey is visiting his father grave, that was very touching a softer side of Harvey. Love Jessica why is her name not posted like Gabriel, Patrick, Meghan? Love this show with a passion.


I'll miss Grammie. I wanted to mention that Rachel took all the heartache of Mike not telling her his secret and rolled it up into a ball of energy. She decided you know what? I am tired of waiting for someone else to make things happen, I'm going to go out and do it myself. I am referring of course to her taking the LSAT's. GOOD FOR HER! She is turning out to be a very strong character, it takes a lot to be there for someone who is not being totally honest with you.


1. Had to be the confrontation between Jessica and Hardman 2. No brainer...him struting through the office. 3. Didn't see that's really going to affect Mike. 4. I think these two will eventually work it out. Something is off with Nick's answers....maybe a glitch or copy and past mistake????


1. Hardman/Pearson.
2. Skypeing
3. RIP


-Harvey pointing out to Donna that she can't have it both ways. I was annoyed that she was pissed that he didn't fight for her and pissed that he stuck up for her. No, but really it was Louis and Donna strutting. And Donna and Jessicas exchange. Those two NEED to share the screen more.
-Louis strutting. It was awesome. The convo with his parents was adorable and I loved him and Donna making up so to speak. Louis and Donna is a ship I'd jump behind.
-Devastated. It was like that episode of the closer all over again. She was the best. Poor Mike.
-They'll be great friends for now. They can't not be. Honestly Mike is the only thing that keeps Rachel relevant so they'll have to orbit around one another. Nick's answers are hinky. A glitch perhaps.

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