Teen Wolf Season 3: What's Behind the Blue Eyes?

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Teen Wolf Season 3 will be comprised of 24 episodes, that much we know.

But following a shocking Season 2 finale, fans are clamoring for plenty more scoop to hold them over until next summer.

Enter Jeff Davis. The Teen Wolf creator spoke to Carina Adly MacKenzie of Zap2It this week and provided the following scoops, teases and spoilers for what's ahead...

Jackson With a Question

Why were Jackson's eyes blue when he transitioned? For a very specific, important reason. Stay tuned.

The Alphas will return: "What happens to Erica and Boyd will be answered in the first two episodes... They are alive but they are definitely not out of danger."

Allison will be isolated and alone at the outset of Season 3.

Isaac, Dr. Deacon and Ms. Morell will all play significant roles.

Who are Jackson's real parents? That question will play into the Alpha pack storyline.

How is this for an intriguing preview? Says Davis: "I think Scott's ultimate destiny will be to become an Alpha in his own right. We'll see how that plays out over Season 3."

Visit Zap2It to read the full interview with Davis and sound off now: What grade would you give Teen Wolf Season 2?

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Let's recite the infamous speech of "the Demon Wolf", Deucalion! I am the ALPHA of ALPHAS.
*Voice gets loud*
*Unneccessary lightening with thunder*


Well, all werewolves who are born wolf need to be taught the way of the wolf. So, since Jackson's REAL parent's died, he couldn't have been taught. So, when he DOES make the Change, his eyes are all electric blue because he was born werewolf. Does that make sense? I think it does. :/


You all need to read what Davis said. Davis said BLUE EYES HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DNA so it's not because they were born a werewolf. I think Jackson's parents were wolves, but they were part of the alpha werewolf, I can't remember his name, but he says he's the Alpha's alpha, a dark werewolf, his pack. But then he killed them and staged the car accident. As for Derek, I have no idea about his eyes yet..... but remember in season one, with the wolf's bane and how it glowed blue? Maybe it has something to do with that but I don't know for sure. Tyler Hoechlin is like, the best Derek Hale...the only one who can pull it off. P.s: please check your grammar and spelling. It gets super annoying and it's hard to understand.


blue eyes wolfs are resurrected wolfs u will see as derek uncle is eyes r blue Jackson too


I think blue eyed betas are these,who hasn't transform as usual.I mean usually betas are bitten by an alpha and they have yellow/golden eyes.But Derek havn't got yellow eyes,because he is born as a werewolf,not bitten.And jackson is not transformed as usual either.He became first a Kenima and then werewolf.


Ok listen up.......
Goldish/yellowish eyes= human-bitten
Blue eyes= werewolf genes past down from ancestors
Red eyes= alfpha
Jackson had issues that didnt allow him turn into a werewolf, instead he became the kanima of revenge.
Jackson was used as a weapon for revenge, why him you ask?
Because he himself secretly wanted revenge for his parents supposive death.
one or both of jacksons parents were werewolfs making him a decendent of werewolf blood.


For people that don't know this; omegas and betas have yellow eyes, people tha were born werewolves (like Derek) have blue eyes. And alphas have red eyes (Peter and Derek) however, I don't know what the black eyes mean from the Teen Wolf Season 3 trailer.


Guys remember though! Jeff Davis (the creator) said that the alpha pack had to do with Jackson's parents AND DERECK. Meaning that Jackson and Dereck are somehow related. It might be that Jackson's parents didn't die in a car crash but during the Hale house fire! Maybe he was part of the Dereck's family and his parents were werewolves! This would explain why Jackson's eyes are blue and how his parents died. And that would explain why Peter didn't kill Jackson at the Movie Store in season 1. Because maybe Jackson was one of Peter's relatives. You'll see that Peter was about to claw Jackson in the store but he didn't and Peter jumped out the window and ran away.


I think Jackson's eyes are blue because remember the very first scene of season 2 when Jackson gets out of the water? Well I read somewhere that in season 3 their going to explain what Jackson was doing in the water and because of what he did in the water is going to explain why his eyes are blue. Because somehow whatever he did in the water made his eyes turn blue!


I think Jackson had blue eyes because he was a kanima.I also think his mom and dad are dead.I think a kanima killed them then became a normal werewolf.and the real resonance Jackson became a kanima is because his parrents were killed by one . The kanima that killed his parrents are probably one of the alphas in the pack.

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