Teen Wolf Season 3: What's Behind the Blue Eyes?

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Teen Wolf Season 3 will be comprised of 24 episodes, that much we know.

But following a shocking Season 2 finale, fans are clamoring for plenty more scoop to hold them over until next summer.

Enter Jeff Davis. The Teen Wolf creator spoke to Carina Adly MacKenzie of Zap2It this week and provided the following scoops, teases and spoilers for what's ahead...

Jackson With a Question

Why were Jackson's eyes blue when he transitioned? For a very specific, important reason. Stay tuned.

The Alphas will return: "What happens to Erica and Boyd will be answered in the first two episodes... They are alive but they are definitely not out of danger."

Allison will be isolated and alone at the outset of Season 3.

Isaac, Dr. Deacon and Ms. Morell will all play significant roles.

Who are Jackson's real parents? That question will play into the Alpha pack storyline.

How is this for an intriguing preview? Says Davis: "I think Scott's ultimate destiny will be to become an Alpha in his own right. We'll see how that plays out over Season 3."

Visit Zap2It to read the full interview with Davis and sound off now: What grade would you give Teen Wolf Season 2?

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I think it is a metaphor saying Jackson was re-born because he was being a jerk to everybody and then when Peter and Derek, Both Alphas, stabbed him in the stomach that triggered the re-born thing because he was being really nice to Lydia after he got Blue eyes.


It's because in season 1 Derek cut him on the net while he had a wolf spaing bullet inside the cut was glowing blue when the Alfa had him in the movie place


I know exactly why Jackson's eyes are blue if you look up on google the difference between blue eyed wolves and yellow eyes it says that any wolf with blue eyes are a hybrid wolf or not a full bread wolf there for One of Jackson's patents must of been a werewolf and his genes got triggered when Derrick bit him Now that doesn't mean Derrick is a hybrid it also said wolfs are born with blue eyes and as they grow they turn yellow so Derrick is a full wolf Jackson isn't


I agree with everything you say but there are things that were not taken into account or character as not curious that makes a human being has no powers sobrevido adiestracion to finish without anyone know the name of neither he nor his father that no it is very rare for me if I do that and seen Tanata semehace series that has a place in the series importate


I know his eyes r blue when he turns to wolf in another thing he was super super strong surcharge as Derek he was a born wolf and grew up he became stronger at that time so since Jackson was strong he is still strong as he is as a wolf to. And another thing if u paid attentioned to Scott's eyes his eyes were yellow the first season the second Season his eyes wer brown third season r more and likely to be orange or maybe blue they changed in between seasons because he baca me stronger and stronger


I tend to think jackson's mother was a werewolf since jackson's mother was dead when he was born so he had not yet fully developed into a werewolf so after being bitten he developed fully.thanx


The blue eyes is likely a parentage thing. The only other wolf with blue eyes has been Derek, a born wolf. Perhaps one if not both of his real parents were wolves and that the gene didn't pass on until bitten? Likely only one parent in that case so it made sense for him to be human until bitten. But as it is still in his dna, his eyes were blue? I doubt its just a 'his eyes are blue guh' since every other turned wolf has golden eyes. People who weren't born but have confirmed human parents unlike Jackson's adopted ones.


Allison's mothers eyes were blue but glowed yellow on the full moon the night of her suicide. ;)


i reckon that one of jacksons parents might be but if not i have heard that every werewolfs really has there on colour eyes but if not since two alphas clawed him in the masterpaln and since he was bitten in omega that could have trigged it and since to alphas did it that why his eyes are blue


Hello good evening because this series is very good also act very well the actors and actresses because my parents and I both liked the first season episodes were chopped more we have more history and we have the 2 hour season looks more good for short videos that we have seen since soon hopefully get the third season with 24 episodes and if there will be a 4 season with more serious story even better, well congratulations to all greetings from Venezuela not disappoint us in the special effects we see Wolves much special-style movie Van Hellsing those special effects of these types of wolves that movie would be much better still or movie A American Werewolf in Paris if fit those special effects in the series Teen Wolf will be most popular this series Greetings from Venezuela.

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