Teen Wolf Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Who Lives? Who Dies?

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We're just days away from new villains appearing on Teen Wolf, as producer Jeff Davis has teased that Monday's finale will introduce "bad guys" that will play a key role on Season 3 of this MTV hit.

How might they arrive? Take your best guess now, but we can report that Scott will race to uncover Gerard's master plan on the aptly-titled concluding episode, "Master Plan."

What the official preview for it now:

Also, check out the following sneak peek - and then visit TV Fanatic soon after the finale airs and react to our weekly review of the thriller...

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If Stiles dies.
I will die too.


anyone else notice the Kanama holding Allison by the throat?!?! her dad is SO gonna be pissed if he finds out.. also, as a side note i heard a rumor there may be a death in the finale and i'm REALLY hoping it's not Isaac. don't know why but i don't really care about the other two, but i've grown to really like him. i think it started when the full moon cause the whole pack to shift, and he helped Derek with the other two. either way, SO looking forward to this week:)

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