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Tonight's episode of The L.A. Complex is appropriately titled "Half Way." Why appropriate?  Because I feel invested in about half of the storylines in tonight's episode.

Best of the week goes to Raquel again with a close second to Kaldrick. I like Kal out of the mission much better than in it. And this week took him out and made him deal with Infinite Jest's absurd lawsuit. 

When it first came up, and the lawyer, Christopher Taylor, asked Kal to mentor Jest, I thought perhaps Infinite Jest might be another gay character who was trying to find a way to meet with Kal behind closed doors. Wrong for now, I suppose. Maybe Christopher took the pro bono work knowing he would have contact with Kal. I liked how there was some circuity in this episode between the first moments with Kal and the last with Kal. In bed with Dawna, things were unnatural; he couldn't make it happen.

With Christopher, there was chemistry from their very first scene together. The unprofessional reviewer in me would not have minded another minute of Kal and Christopher in that last montage. I'm curious what a new relationship could bring to Kal's storyline, especially after Infinite Jest seems to have such a vendetta against him. He's bound to be outed by the end of the season. My prediction is that Infinite Jest writes it into one of his raps and it goes viral. 

Alan Thicke on The L.A. Complex

So why did Raquel again win the best week ever? It's simply because her story continues to be the most compelling. In her efforts not to be portrayed as a bitch, she continues manipulating Ricky and Zach on the reality show Celebrity Halfway House and she's looking great! She comforts Zach when he needs it, she has a great confrontation with Ricky as she stands up to him in front of the cameras and she's all ready to come full circle and continue comforting Zach when the reality part of this reality show gets in the way.

Raquel may not really have a drinking addiction, which means she can focus fully on her acting in this well-paying reality experiment. She knows the same is basically true of Ricky and works hard to make sure he's seen as the jerk and she's seen as the savior. Although I could easily see where the show was going with Zach's character, it was worth the predictability to see Raquel's manipulations blow up in her face. 

For Raquel, Celebrity Rehab Halfway House is a way to rebuild her dwindling reputation. But she lost sight of the fact that for some, the show could be life saving. Definitely a reality check for Raquel. I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

Meanwhile, in the other halfway house, Connor does his best to convince Jennifer that Eric, who is trying to conquer his drinking, should stay with them. Let me put this out there: I only appreciate Eric for what he's showing me about Connor. All this episode did for Connor is reinforce just how lonely and needy he is. Does he care more about sobering Eric up or creating a little fun family and support system for himself? Connor isn't a bad person, but he's drowning so deeply in his unhappiness, he sees everyone around him as a life preserver. 

So why would Connor want Eric to leave? He's a project, a distraction, and another person Connor hopes to count on for support. Did you catch Connor's wistful gaze at Jennifer and Eric playing Pictionary? He felt warm and safe. The problem, of course, is that this family he's created for himself is all too temporary.

On to the two women who lost jobs this week. Well, Abby, can't say I didn't predict this one. She really needs to learn how to keep her emotions in check. And I'm sure some people might say that her spontaneity and compulsive actions make her who she is, but I really had to roll my eyes this week. It's like she wanted to get fired! What would have satisfied her looking through Donald's computer and drawers? Even if she had found something, she still would have been fired.

But at the same time, it was a nice lesson for her. Maybe there are some people out there who really do act to better others. And more than that, she needed to learn how not to resolve a conflict. I just hope that everything she's learning in Los Angeles is sticking. By the end of the episode, I did feel for her.  he's alone. Connor has his weird little dysfunctional family. And Nick and Sabrina seem happy together.

Speaking of those two, I was not surprised Nick got the job, but I was surprised by Sabrina's wholly unfair reaction to it. Why blame Nick? It's not as though she didn't pull out all the stops to get him fired from the job. In fact, she often played dirtier than he did! I get why she'd be angry. Women comedians have an uphill battle to fight, but why start the battle with your ally?

Which brings us to Beth and Simon. I become disappointed with this series when things get predictable and I could foresee Simon running away at least a few episodes ago. While tonight's argument and start to this "I'm going to find my father who abandoned me" storyline are predictable, I have no idea where it's going at this point. I am interested in seeing how Beth approaches a search for her brother considering police officers will want to find her father as well. 

And by the way, they should have used Beth and Simon's argument as his reel. It was Simon's best work yet!

Don't forget The L.A. Complex has moved to Monday nights at 8/7 central! Who had the best storyline this week? Have any predictions? Hit the comments!

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Kal seems to be losing control right about now.There's gonna be an emotional disconnect with whoever he reaches out to. And besides, HE'S BREAKING ALL THE RULES. But enough about Kal for now... How IS Tariq doing? I bet you he's not hiding under a rock. He's been abused by his lover and he's hurting. He's an unabashedly black/gay man who as embraced his sexuality and seems to be comfortable in his own skin. So, maybe he will begin to feel SOMETHING for someone else. I'm just sayin'. What do you think?


Why isn't everyone watching this? This is sooo good. It's like Gossip Girl in the old days where it's just sex, schemes, love and you have family values as bonus!
I didn't like the way Abby wrecked everything she touched. Loving Sabrinick. And Kal! Amazing chemistry with the lawyer. Really hot scene! I like how Connor wants to create a family for himself and Raquel just amazed me.


Jewel is always a pleasure to watch, as is Andra as Kal. Lots of great acting on this show. I've never really minded Abby, mainly because Cassie has such an ease with comedic scenes and is really likeable.


Abbie is stupid. Raquel is great. Poor Connor. Like Nick and Sabrina together. Kal was intense. Great episode.

The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Stop thinking honey, it's never been your strong suit.


If he wanted to get well, he wouldn't do it on television.