The Mentalist Casts Dove Cameron As... Who?!?

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On The Mentalist Season 5 premiere, viewers will watch as the CBI is forced to team with the FBI and as Jane tries to determine the connection between Lorelei and Red John.

That opener airs on September 30.

But fans may now be looking forward even more to the second installment of the fall, as executive producer Bruno Heller confirms we'll meet Jane's daughter on October 4. Wait... what?!?

Jane Investigates At a Cabaret

Actress Dove Cameron has been cast as Jane's offspring - despite the fact that she was killed by Red John - with Heller refusing to reveal whether we'll meet the young one via a dream or a flashback.

"That’s the whole nub of the episode," he tells TV Line, referring to the upcoming hour as a "big" and "wonderful" one.

How do you think she'll be introduced? Ponder that question as you read more The Mentalist casting news at TV Line.

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Regardless of how Jane's daughter is presented, it's about time we got closer to the impact of her and his wife's deaths on Jane. All we've seen are sorrowful looks. We have needed something more personal to understand Jane's mental state and to enable him to express it as deeply as such a tragedy requires.


I know it is most likely a dream sequence or hallucination, but there is a VERY UNLIKELY alternative... i've always thought it would be interesting if either his wife or daughter turned out to be in witness protection from that night. Now before the groans, think about it. it would make sense if one of them managed to live, there's NO way they'd want it known b/c it was Red John, and while you would think they'd have to tell the child's father, they may have deemed it safer for HER if they didn't. If this is the case, while he'd be angry at first, i believe even Patrick himself would concede later it was the safest thing for her. don't know i've just always thought it would be a great storyline. or maybe he even knows....with Patrick Jane you just never know lol


Jane's daughter "Charlotte Anne" was murdered when she was a kid,probably 5 or 6 & Dove Cameron is a teenager,so i guess its safe to rule out flashback.I am thinking she will appear in dream sequence or hallucination,as present day Charlotte,if she wasnt murdered by Red John.

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