The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Love The One You're With

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For an hour spent talking about Jack, the least this show could've done in "Half Over" was show him at some point. Once again, The Secret Life of the American Teenager used an event to promote itself and then short changed the audience.

The promos said "Who will say goodbye?" Spoiler alert that nobody cares about: It was Dylan.

Cryong on a Shoulder

Dylan decided that friends are the most important thing, and that she and her obnoxious little posse would follow Wendy to an all-girls school. I still think it's weird how quickly Ben went from obsessing about Dylan to obsessing about Amy. Were you sad to see Dylan leave? Did you think the previews were a cop out?

Don't get me wrong, I would be upset if Jack left the show. I just hate when a series uses one thing for a promotion and then the episode is mostly about something else. Secret Life isn't the only program to do this. 

The episode was spent mostly on Amy and Ricky fighting, per usual. Ben and Amy got into the same college and Ricky is obsessing about what it means and if Amy wants to leave him. As she said last week, dreams change. I agree with this, but these two have got to go to counseling or something. How annoying is it to watch them have the same fight over and over? If it's exhausting for us to watch and it must be even more exhausting for them.

It's also not fair to John to be in that environment.

Meanwhile, Ben is determined to get Amy back, so much so that he's sharpened his detective skills and found out that Amy and Ricky aren't really married. Did I miss the moment when George admitted he knew the truth about their marriage? When they really do get married, Ben says he will be waiting at the back of the church to pull a move from The Graduate and run away with her. Do you think Amy's tempted? 

Grace spent this episode at the hospital. When Adrian arrived, she had flashbacks to losing her baby, which was really sad. I did love her heartfelt conversation with Omar and the ring he drew on her finger. Even though I think everyone on this show is rushing down the aisle, I thought that moment was really sweet. I love them as a couple.

There were a few other romantic developments, too, such as Anne and her new girlfriend and Ethan and Kathy. Leo and Camille moved ahead with their adoption and took in the prostitute that Jack saved. It's interesting that they said they were inspired by Betty. It's even more interesting that due to Tom's phone call we found out that Betty knows the pimp who hurt Jack.

I wonder if any of those storylines will carry over when the show resumes in early 2013. Lastly, we were treated to the most blatant PSA ever to air on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

There's no fairytale ending to being a teen mom. | permalink

Well MTV has that angle covered, but thank you Lauren. What did everyone else think of the midseason Secret Life finale? Do you think Jack will live? What will happen with everyone else?


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Boohoo Ben and Amy are not cute together, they are boring, contrived and Ben is creepy..ugh..and little detail : SHE DOESN'T WANT HIM ! It is pathetic, i am almost ashamed for delusional creepy Ben..puke.


boohoo Ben is pathetic and pitiful, not romantic or attractive behaviour for many of us who have brain and self-esteem ! So if it is your cup of tea, good for you, you can keep him, Amy on the other hand deserves far far far better !
She and Ricky ar least are interesting, have chemistry and have some pride therefore they need to be together and Ben can be with his fan 'boohoo' is a tv show but it has to be told, lol.


I think it's time for this show to end. I'm so tired of virtually every conversation is about sex. Really? There are so many other things that are a part of being a teen that the writers could go to. Not every teen is obsessed with sex. I'm really tired of Ben. He spent most of this season being a jerk and breaking rules just to be with Dylan. Now all of a sudden he's not into her anymore but he's obsessed with Amy? ugh! He seriously needs to grow up. Since when is Ricky so insecure? He's being ridiculous and he's driving Amy right into Ben's arms. Duh. This episode sucked. I hope the story lines are better next season.


i like that ben is still carrying a torch for amy, which is understandable since she is his first love. even with someone else's child, ben wanted to marry amy. wasn't that sweet? our young people of today can take a leaf off on ben's book. so, ben declaring that he is still in love with amy is only natural considering that he found out that they aren't married yet. ben was fighting for his love. it is a given that amy made a big mistake when she got pregnant, which, all high school students should avoid at all cost. but one mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake, like, forego going to one's dream college. i think the storyline is on the right track. amy and ricky fighting, ricky getting very close to clementine, ben still waiting for amy and going to college issues are enough to see that there will be changes. i can't wait to watch the next episode. i like ben and amy together, they are so cute together


i am surprised Leah what you did not comment about Ben's behaviour : the guy is delusional and pathetic..seing him stalking and obsessing over Amy is not romantic it is creepy and quite disturbing even for a show like makes me pity him and not appreciate or empathize with him in the least..Amy doesn't seem tempted at all, she seems just baffled and quite sad for him..if at least he was a Christian Grey sort of guy it could be a stalkerish sexy vibe (but on a show like Secret lmao it is not true but he is the opposite of it, geeky awkward whiny Ben being a creepy stalker is not entertaining, he is not sexy, not smooth, there is no chemistry here, Amy is not interested at all he is just a sad creep stop it show ! And Amy saying if she was not with Ricky she would be even LESS with Ben, means one thing: it is time for Ben to move on once and for all !!!!!


Oh Em Gee. I am so mad at this episode. What in the heck?
They won't even tell us if Jack is alive? I'll be honest, I have watch
the show since the very first episode. I agree, it feels like the
same old issue all the time. But I can't stop watching it and I don't
know why?!


Ay claire shut your mouth!!! You apparently are verryyy ignorant and no nothing at all.


You skipped over the fact that George ran into Anne's Ex who was a possible father to their son until they found out that he was infertile, but now George has seen him with kids so he could of lied and might be the father.


Honestly, last season's finale sjould've been the series finale. It was probably the best episode they've ever had. Jack and grace back together, ricky and amy newly engaged, ben acting like a normal teenager, adrian getting over ricky..all around a good ending. Take out henry sleeping with adrian and adrian and omar's fight, it would've been perfect.

Leigh r

@shon- I'm supposed to review this show with my opinion. Like I said there are things I like and things I didn't like. Maybe you didn't read the positive stuff, but I'm sorry I can't sugarcoat every review. Some episodes are better than others but it's our job at TVF to give an editorial opinion. If people want to respectfully disagree that's fine, but nobody on here should be cursing each other out.

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