The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere: First Photo!

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Let the guessing games begin!

The CW (courtesy of TV Line) has released the first photo from this October's Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere, and it depicts Jeremy and Bonnie seemingly locked in a spell of some kind.

To what end? Theorize away as you take a close look at the scene:

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Premiere Pic

The last time this former couple interacted, of course, Bonnie was using her magic to fake Jeremy's death. She then took it upon herself to help Klaus live inside the body of Tyler.

Oh, yes, the resident Mystic Falls witch has "tapped into some darker stuff," as creator Julie Plec previously teased, and the question now remains: Will she continue down this dark path? How far might she go?

Just a couple more questions to ponder, spurned on by this early look, as we anticipate the return of The Vampire Diaries on October 11.

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DARK BONNIE???? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLing...........................LOLOLOLOLing......All the way to season 5. Riiiiight!!!

Fruit salad

@Lucy Why would Bonnie go on a murderous rampage? What could possibly make her do such a thing? Does she have it in her? We don't know. Bonnie is such an underdeveloped character, it's not even funny. To make her go 'dark' would be hilarious and pathetic.
The most we should hope for would be some independent 'Quit bossing me around' storyline. (Or maybe she could invent a spell to make all the guys' clothes become invisible? I'd watch that!) Anything, as long as she doesn't go 'dark'. It would either be Willow rip-off or TSC retcon. Kat Graham deserves better


Bonnie needs to go dark because she's boring. Everytime there is a Bonnie scene I go get a drink out of the fridge. The problem with TVD is that they don't truly commit to a storyline or an emotion so everybody always kind of stays the same. I wish they would make someone *truly* commit to something.


bonnie is probably trying to figure out a way to help elena not be a vampire because they already mentioned in the spoilers that she is very unhappy about what happen and that she wants to change it and im sure jeremey feels the same

Fruit salad

LOL to Bonnie going dark. I've finally gotten around to watch Buffy's season six, and there's NO WAY tvd could pull that off. Dark!Willow had foreshadowing, reason, not to mention a proper character for that storyline. And she was one-of-a-kind. Instead of trying to copy the perfect, making a crappy witch go sort of shady for a little while with no real consequences, they should let Bonnie try and be more independent and stand up for herself. She's such a plot device, it's not funny anymore. She can either cut all ties with the vamps, or she can make a conscious choice to be on their side. Either or. Let her grow a spine. Then they could give her an aseuxal SL that ends in lifelong celibate to shut the Bonnie/everyone stans up.


Wow look candles and there holding hands! How romantic. Lol

Kitanishi h mcdonald

The show can't even keep its own villains sufficiently evil, no need to even start talking about turning supposedly "good" guys into "evil"

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Even Bonnie continues down this dark wouldn't be for long...on this show every character is back to being a sweety-pie in like 5 episodes.
LOL THIS SO MUCH. Remember how they hyped up "evil steffie" storyline only to give a completely lame emo-steffie for 7 episodes and then throw it all under the bus as if it never ever happened?


@Bored Now just out of interest what shows do you like i think your entitled to your opinion because sometimes the direction of a show is awful


Even Bonnie continues down this dark wouldn't be for long...on this show every character is back to being a sweety-pie in like 5 episodes.

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