The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Summary: Decisions, Deaths and Deredith

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Elena Gilbert will be a full-on member of the undead on The Vampire Diaries Season 4. This much we know.

But a few spoilers/teases from this week shift the focus from how Elena will react to this transition and move it to what she will do about it. Our guess, based on the rundown below? KILL.

Fan Made Vampire Diaries Poster

We've culled a few quotes and tidbits from a week's worth of reveals and interviews. To wit:

  • Yes, there will be a major death sequence on the October 11 premiere. But the questions should NOT be "who dies," according to a TV Line tease. Start asking yourself instead: Who does the killing?
  • Julie Plec echoed this sentiment in a chat with TV Guide, saying of Season 4 Elena: "How she gets blood is going to be one of the big problems."
  • Damon, meanwhile, might find a new friend. Plec says the scorned Salvatore brother will need a new daytime drinking pal. Enter Meredith: "I don't think she's going to be as easy to sway as Alaric was, but there's going to be a buddy bond that forms between them, which will be fun." (Source: Zap2It)
  • There will be a significant flashback on Episode 4. It will reveal a big secret that changes the course of the season.

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Guys OF COURSE that is fanmade! Nina did an interview and she had vamp teeths on and that's exactly from THAT interview. orrr the cw doesn't have money for new photoshots anymore


nice manip


Ugh that Trevino one pisses me off. I do NOT want him sucking up episodes as Klaus. Fuck thatttttt no ty


@Flora, oh I know its a fanmade poster, seen it before, just meant in general their promos lately are very like lazily made, they just photoshoped Trevino into the new one...


That's probably a fanmade poster @Amie

Kitanishi h mcdonald

, I actually prefer to think of Caroline as the main character of the show
This so much. Elena is just a deadweight of the show. The most annoying and the most bland character one could ever think up. NOt even a character because being a Character requires well...character/personality, which Elena does not have. There's NOTHING to care about Elena's turning. With Caroline we got a taste of her personality and normal life we saw her try and succeed and fail in it. With Elena? Nope. Why should we care if she starts munching on people or something? We never learned about her as a person, we never had anything that would connect us to her, make us relate. She is just a cardboard box. A mary sue bella swan.


I want a Supernatural and Vampire Diaries crossover !! . . .


My bet is also on Pastor Young to be the one who gets killed (its his funeral in ep. 2, isn't it?), but I am pretty sure its Bonnie who kills him , if intentionally or by accident I cant say - she will be told off by her gran on behalf of the dead witches(announced former guest star from bonnies past)for sidling with the vampires and consequently witching all alone which drives her to the dark side where she hopes to find more power.
My guess. What do you think?


@FruitSalad, I actually prefer to think of Caroline as the main character of the show since her storyline is more similar to book Elena, which I will always prefer over tv Elena - similar characteristics, both became vampires by accident and because of Katherine, I actually felt for Caroline when she was killed by Katherine and then awoke a vampire and could not control herself because she could not understand what was happening...I cared for her transition and since then care more and more about her character, so yeah, for me, its Caroline who is the main female character on the show.


First of all, horrible poster, again how lazy are they if they can't make good posters anymore, its like GG when they couldn't bother to make a new poster for the past 2 seasons so they just used old pics from s3 promotions... Second, not surprised to hear about Deredith since aside from pining like a 13 yearold for Elena, Damon's sl also includes sleeping with various chicks he meets in Damon would have killed that wuss in a second.

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Vampire Diaries Quotes

You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


Dear Elena, yes you heard that correctly. Hell has frozen over. I'm writing it all down. Granted, I'm half a bottle in thanks to my 1950 Chateau Cheval Blanc, a bottle I waited 65 years to open. I used to spend nights sitting in my wine cellar convincing myself I could hear it age, tannins growing, fermenting, but appreciating its beauty didn't make time go by any faster. The bottle just laid there on its shelf, torturing me while I waited for Katherine and time stood still. Eventually I convinced myself that no sip of that wine could ever taste as good as I dreamt it would. And that is the story of why I drink bourbon. I don't know who I am without you, but I know that as long as I'm with you, time will stand still. So who is Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert? A selfish friend, a jealous brother, a horrible son? Or maybe with a little luck, I'll do right by you. Because you may be a thousand miles away or a hundred years away, but you're still here with me and my heart is right there in that coffin with you. Until you come back to me.