Tournament of TV Fanatic CBS Winner: Revealed!

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After more than a hundred thousand votes, the CBS faithful have spoken.

What began with 16 network favorites came down to a title match pitting Simon Baker of The Mentalist fame against Hawaii Five-O star Alex O'Loughlin. With 51.9 percent of the vote, the winner in a nail-biter is ...

Simon Baker!


Simon handily dispatched Kat Dennings and Julianna Margulies before triumphing over fan favorites Mark Harmon and O'Loughlin to claim the title. No one can say he didn't earn it with that record.

With his victory, Simon advances to our ULTIMATE Tournament of TV Fanatic, against CW winner Jensen Ackles and the winner of forthcoming NBC, Fox, ABC and miscellaneous (HBO, USA, etc.) brackets!

Stay tuned for the start of our ABC bracket later today!

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Simon Baker is awesome. I watch the Mentalist whenever it's on TV. It's a terrific show with great writers, characters, and best of all, Patrick Jane!


Aussie vs Aussie, interesting, jeeze we're punching above our weight.


Hey! Simon Baker deserves very much he is so handsome and that smile of his just makes you melt. He is also a very good actor in movies. If you have not seem him in the movie "Something New" you are missing a real treat. Love you Simon.


I absolutely LOVE Simon Baker.. but even Alex O'Loughlin shouldn't have been in the final. The winner from the very beginning for me was Jim Parsons.


Is this a joke?!?! There is literally NO competition between Alex & simon. Alex wins hands down in every category, ESPECIALLY looks. The best people never win in these polls anyway.


Simon Baker is definitely deserving! This might be the first time my favorite has won in a poll like this.


I am so happy he won!Simon Baker is the best...GO SIMON!

Sarah silva

Seriously Simon Baker won over Alex...that is nuts!


The best man doubt about it. Charming, sexy Simon Baker!


Simon is "the man". Love you Simon!

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