Tournament of TV Fanatic Semifinals: Mark Harmon vs. Simon Baker!

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Welcome back, fans, to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite CBS star! We will be conducting surveys among fan favorites from across the network. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

Mark Harmon, Simon Baker, Alex O'Loughlin and Neil Patrick Harris survived the second round. Today, we begin the semifinals with NCIS' leading man against The Mentalist's. Which star do you love more? VOTE:

And the Winner is?

Mark Harmon or Simon Baker: Which CBS star do you love more? Vote in this semifinal matchup of the Tournament of TV Fanatic: CBS Edition! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Mark Harmon

Simon Baker

Total Votes: 5724

On tap tomorrow: Alex O'Loughlin vs. NPH! Here's the updated CBS bracket:

CBS Semis
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MARK HARMON is the MAN. I wish I knew about this vote.
MARK HARMON all the way. He looks good now and in 10 yrs he will still look GOOD. Love you MARK {MUAH}


Simon Baker....hands down!


Mark Harmon is a better actor and will still look good in ten years.


Actuely, when i heard about the competiters i laughed so hard, i mean really,
its more like :
mark is a good actor but he totaly cant be compared to SIMON BAKER !


I'm sorry, I meant to write that I have seen the Mentalist and I do not like it. However, that "Red" dude that he was after was interesting. Simon Baker just does not interest me, nor does The Mentalist.


Mark Harmon is a way better actor, i love him. I have seen the metalist and id on not like it. It is a copy of Psych. So the mentalist loses period. The picture is not better than Psych and Simon Baker is not better than Mark Harmon, James Roday or Michael Weatherly. I wish i had known about this poll.


Though i think simon baker is a very good actor- mark harmon has real charisma.


Hahaha that's what all of you Mark loving losers get!!!


We need a recount! Mark Harmon should be the winner! I didn't get to vote!!


Simon Baker way out acts anyone
Try watching a few episodes of the mentalist and watching some of his films
Then you will see for yourself there's definitely no contest

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