Trevor Donovan Teases 90210 Season 5, Teddy's Big Choice

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As previously reported, Trevor Donovan will appear on at least the first two episodes of 90210 Season 5.

And his character of Teddy will faced with a monumental decision when viewers next see him on the October 8 premiere: Should he agree to father a baby with BFF Silver?

Teddy and Silver

That question will "be addressed in both the first and second episodes and it’ll definitely be a process for it to come to fruition as far as what he decides,” Donovan tells Entertainment Weekly. “He was as surprised as I was, and obviously he has to contemplate what his role would be in the child’s life, what his father’s role was in his life... there [are] a lot of issues that he’s concerned about.”

Combine Teddy and Silver's offspring debate with the fate of Dixon and the Season 5 premiere is setting up to be especially dark and emotional.

But don't worry, 90210 fans: "We got Naomi!" Donovan says. "She brings a whole lot of color.”

Do you think Teddy should father a baby with Silver?

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@Spindae 2.o You're right. Teddy had the best storyline of Season 3. That is the only reason I watched. The rest was stupid. I did not even get past three episodes of Season 4 bc as @Sa'ad702 said, this show is ghastly. The college years should have brought a maturity but it seemed to have gotten more stupid. I am tempted to watch it on Netflix to give it half a chance but I am not that motivated to see it. I don't think 90210 had anything to do with cutting Teddy. Trevor Donovan wanted to move on and try out for major motion pictures. I say he should sing. He has a great singing voice. Check out his videos on YouTube.


Don't understand Silver's thinking. How does she believe having a baby when she's expecting to die is going to make her life any better? Who will look after the child once she's gone? The Gay father? The Porn Empire Heir? The Model/Actor/Bartender? People (teenagers) should really NOT be having children if they can not provide a good environment or life for them. End of Story.


I do not think they should nobody really cares whether teddy is there or not I mean if he was as popular as the show said he was then why did they axe him from the show. Directors and writers of this show i beg please just finally put Dixon & Silver back together because the fans are pretty much tired silvers various love stories with other males characters who have meaning to her development. Because Teddy cannot really act and a show him is odd but i applause him for being funny and a player not that stupid gay story you gave him and only to exempt from the series now that is silly wouldnt you say sixon's fans. Like i said before do not propose anything that is not useful for Silvers character unless it deals with Dixon because all the other guys with her are boring and dull and cannot see people being if the directors go ahead with the Teddy storyline ballshit.


@Jarrod lmfao!


@Sa'ad702: Oh please. If anyone is ghastly here, it's you. Just go back to your failed petition sites of 'Bring Back The Secret Circle'.

Spindae 2o

Teddy is the strong character and had the best story in season3! I don't know why they cut him, Dixon and Ivy would be a better choice for cut! :D


Bah, this show is ghastly.


As interesting and fun it would be to see it play out, I think Silver is not thinking clearly. I get why she had approached Teddy with it, but she's basically thinking she'll die tomorrow so she better live now. Either way it goes, I support the decision to have a baby together.
Also, I read that Trevor Donovan is also appearing in the 100th episode too. I wish he'd just be added back to the main cast though.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.