True Blood Review: Capture the Rapture

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Great Godric's ghost that was intense!

Like Maurella, tonight's True Blood season finale delivered - and then some. It was kill or be killed, as "Save Yourself" featured more bloodshed than all other episodes this season combined. In a summer fraught with story lines, Alan Ball's swan song did well to wrap up a number of issues while still leaving fans thirsting for more. 

After seeing how easily he fought off the Authority and disposed of the Fae Elder last week, many wondered who could stop Russell from draining every last member of Claude's family. In what was one of the best opening scenes I've witnessed, Eric left me speechless as he reduced Russell to a puddle of goo and settled an ancient debt.

After that scene, the feeling coursing through me was probably like the one Debbie Pelt must have felt the first time she tried V and, like her, I wanted more.

The New Bill

Eric seamlessly transitioned from vengeance to vaudeville as he kept his sister from draining everyone's favorite faerie food services employee. When he and Jason hilariously squabbled, it was Sookie's turn to shine as she told the two to stop acting like children and for Eric to ask Nora to stop looking at her thirstily. 

Some of the best moments of the night belonged to the show's actual sibling duo when Jason and Sookie argued over just what it is they should expect out of life. The bump Jason took to his head had him seeing visions of his parents, but it didn't seem to affect his aim at all. The scene in the elevator where he was gearing up for the all-out assault on the Authority while wearing those shooting glasses was just epic... as was his prowess with his sidearms as he took down one "vamper" after another.

While his aim was masterful, his command of the English language was still a little off target, as we were treated to a number of Stackhouse gems in this week's list of best True Blood quotes

While Jason and Eric battled for the body count award, when it came to pure impact the Trubie award for Best Delivery of the True Death had to go to Sam, who did his best Lilith impersonation, standing there naked and covered in Rosalyn's blood. Sadly, it looks like Luna sacrificed herself to save Emma. Alcide's father spoke about how the hardest part of being a parent is sheltering your children from just how messed up the world is. Well... Emma has seen at an early age just how ugly life can be, but she should draw strength from the knowledge that despite all the evil out there, love can still motivate people to do the most selfless and heroic things. 

There was a lot of discussion tonight about one's view of the world and our role in it.

In the final scene, Bill seemed to echo in a way what Jason was feeling. Bill was tired of always feeling guilty for what he had become. He was tired of feeling hurt inside. While Jason's remedy was to expect the worst life can offer instead of thinking it owed him something, for the first time in his vampire "life," Bill took what he felt he deserved, even if it meant deceiving and killing Salome in the process. Being that caring and sensitive vampire Sookie described has only brought him heartache, so I wasn't too shocked that he drank the blood in the end. Once he melted into that puddle of blood you just knew he wasn't through. But his resurrection was still very much a riveting moment, accentuated by the fear in Eric's eyes. 

While the culmination of the entire Lilith saga was a great and much anticipated pay off, there were so many little moments in tonight's finale that added to my high opinion of it. Scenes like Bill trying to catch Sam the fly, Rikki's crazy V talk to Alcide, Maurella chugging salt, Lafayette and the others' commentary during the delivery, Eric asking Jason to pull over "please" and Tara pointing out the slippery floor to Sookie thanks to the dead vampires Jason had just killed were the kind of moments that have always made this show so special.

So we didn't find out who Warlow was. Thankfully there's next season.  So long as the show doesn't lose its unique brand of humor though, I am more than willing to keep watching.

The big payoff moments like Russell's demise and Alcide taking back the pack are the icing on the cake that is made up of all the aforementioned ingredients that make this show so great. Ball's departure is a major development, but seeing the cast's chemistry and passion leaves me with little worry about its future.

What did you think of the finale and were you cheering with me when Tara freed her Maker and sealed it with a kiss?  


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This season was not as good as the others but the last episode was good. I really want Bill and Sookie to be together I miss that story I miss rooting for for them. I don't like the angry Jason but hopefully he will stop whoring around. The thing with Pam and Tara I didn't see I thought Tara was just liberated by Pam and looked up to her. I finally felt as if Lafayette was back to normal he had been on such a dark part for awhile. And the warlow thing is gonna be good.


well first off i will answer the question my opinion...Eric and Bill had to switch rolls..bad vamp/good vamp kinda thing. Seeing how Bill and Sookies relationship seems to be beyond over..someones gotta turn on her.
Some people dont like all the sides stories but thats what makes it a great finale. Russells True Death was epic and long overdue. Steve newlin is gone in the wind. I love how Sookie doesnt flinch at all when it comes to vampires. There were so many laughing parts that made it unique.. all in all fantastic FINALE!


Yes Loved Erik finally killing Russell, that was inevitable.
Disappointments: Erik is stronger vampire than Bill, he should have fought harder to keep him from drinking the blood. If he would have stopped him, would have left the door open for another vampire to seek out the lilith blood.
Sookie as well, she did not fight hard enough for Bill. So now Bill is the vampire God of Distruction? Bad ending to a vampire who was always the org vampire looking out for Sookie.
There should have been an intro of Warlow. Alcide becoming pack master should have gone down like it does in the book. Where it would have brought in new characters for next season. ie Quinn.
To Clear somethings up for people: Sookie, comes from the union where her gran slept with the King of Elves. In the book there is no Warlow. There is no contract of Sookie belonging to no one. Sure Sookie is a half fairy, but her telepathic abilites was a gift from a part demon named Callisadies. Who really is a lawyer, and keeper of contracts. So Sookie being a telepath was gift to her from him.
I hope that they do get back to the books. The books are a great foundation and like the show, so much happens. Season 5 was a total disappointment.


@Terri : Alan Ball is leaving TB next season ! Althought I'm sure hé didn't leave without knowing were Season 6 was heading ... And he Will remain as adviser for the season's to come. I'm pretty sure that the screenwriters already Know where to head for the Next two season's at last. And how the show Will end ... Eventually !
To answer other question : why did they do it to Bill ? Well no more mister Nice Guy means better plots ! And of course Sookie's magic Will find a way to bring him back to his good old self ... But please, not to soon ... Let us enjoy him as a bloody bastard for a while !
And YES to Pam and Tara love affair :-)) this is great !!


I was hoping Sookie would wake up and the hole season was a bad dream she was having. Bill and Eric would still fight over Sookie, and Tara would not be a vampire. The ending was funny and bloody, but still I was disappointed in the season. I still love true blood and will watch it till it ends.


I agree while it made for a shocking moment, Russell deserved a more dramatic death. What happened to Steve?
Can't believe some are rooting for Emma to be mommy-less! I hope Luna's ok. Great plan and Sam is an unsung hero. Pam and Tara makeout was weird, didn't like it. Jason and Nora make a cute couple (same height). I predict a double triangle of eric/sookie/nora/jason/jess. Finally, so lame what's happened to Bill. But what happens to lillith? Gone completely? They better address that. And who will "worship" the chosen one with the whole authority obliterated?? Warlow is an awful name, but is the key to next season which I fear is last. Not gonna work with bill as bloody god for too long


I agree while it made for a shocking moment, Russell deserved a more dramatic death. What happened to Steve?
Can't believe some are rooting for Emma to be mommy-less! I hope Luna's ok. Great plan and Sam is an unsung hero. Pam and Tara makeout was weird, didn't like it. Jason and Nora make a cute couple (same height). I predict a double triangle of eric/sookie/nora


I knew the Warlow thing wouldn't be resolved. There wasn't anything about it in the last 2 episodes. They had to leave us hanging on something. I saw what happened with Pam and Tara coming. You could tell it by the way they looked at one another plenty of times before.\ Alcide.....well, who couldn't see him FINALLY getting pack master???? He did in the books. This season as a whole has been a disappointment to me. I think they should consider trimming out some of the non essential character......


This had to be the best episode all season in a season that pretty much sucked......pun INTENDED. I had kinda figured the authority would be gone. The opening where Eric killed Russell had to be the best opening scene in TB history. We don't know if Luna is dead but it looks that way. Just what the hell was Sam seeing anyway when he was a fly? I think the first time was Bill and Salome in bed but I couldn't tell what that picture was the other time. I, too, believe next season will see the fairy war. However, I'm sure Ball will get wind of the fans thinking that and will change it. He's SO FAR from the books there's no need for him to go back to them now. Bill did descend into doubt he will be after everyone next season. Andy now has 4 babies to take care of. I guess they'll be half grown or grown when TB returns next year. I can see Steve Newlin returning next season to try to avenge Russell's death.


After a mediocre, kinda stupid season, the last three episodes were GREAT!

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True Blood Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Jason: Something funny fanger?
Eric: Yes blood bag.
Jason: Leach.
Eric: Breather.
Jason: Dead fu-k.
Eric: Meat sack.
Sookie: Stop acting like children.
Nora: You smell like something I once dreamed of.
Sookie: Eric please ask your sister to stop looking at me like that.

Nora: What is she?
Eric: She is a waitress.

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