Warehouse 13 Review: What's the Downside?

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When the topic is artifacts, we can all agree that there it comes as no surprise that “There's Always a Downside.”  The question then becomes: is the downside worth the upside?

Hugo Returns

In Artie’s case, the downside of using The Astrolabe is that he has released an evil, or at least Brother Adrian seems to be wrought with stories of how it had released evil. But, given that the alternative is that the entire world loses hope and we all head to hell in a hand-basket, I have to agree with Artie that risking some evil in the world is better than no world at all.

For Steve, Claudia using the metronome to bring him back means that she feels what he feels. At first it seemed to be instead of him, but watching him gasp for breath as Ethan tried to absorb his pain points to her sharing his pain, not just taking it entirely.

Myka is right, though, there has to be another way, or at a minimum another artifact that could help make sure Claudia doesn’t feel his pain. Somehow, I think that way equates to disaster – using an artifact to offset an artifact leads to needing to use another artifact and another and another...

Yeah, I don’t think it’s a good idea either.

Hugo Miller, who seems to be the Gilligan of Warehouse 13, stopped by again this week. He spends more time getting into trouble than solving it. I get that he wanted his nephew to follow in his footsteps and become an Agent, but for frakk sakes, maybe lockup the artifact after you show it to him Hugo!

Does anyone else feel like the entire Astrolabe story has added a very dark element to the show? Brother Adrian is wonderfully played by Brent Spiner, as his warning to Artie as he left the café had me muttering unkind words about the character.

Finally, I do want to give a big thank you to Nick McHatton for letting me fill in for him on Warehouse 13. While I have watched every episode, I haven’t covered the show in a few years and it’s like a comfy blanket that I get to snuggle up with again.


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The Evil, Artie has unleashed, is Brother Adrian himself. In his quest to get Artie to undo the Astrolabe he is undoing all of Arties work. So that in itself is evil. We will see the Warehouse 13 gang go up against Bro. Adrians monks, probably in the season finale. Also did no one else catch that Steve also feels Claudia's pain? When the guy with the inviso-shades ran into her. It was Steve that was rubbing his shoulder. And yes please someone introduce Myka to a brush. My goodness, bed head to the extreme.


LOL - like DeAnn, this is the 4th episode where I am left wondering, "Is everyone styling their own hair on this show?" I thought WAREHOUSE 13 was successful, and didn't need budget cutbacks. Myka, honey, you might as well put your mane in a bun like on Season 1 because it just isn't working, whatever you have. Enjoyed the episode. By the end, though, I'm left wondering - this evil that Brother Adrian keeps talking about might, in fact, be him. He's the unknowing conduit by which evil is being unleashed throughout the world. In threatening Artie w/widespread artifact mayhem, he's the malignancy that is the byproduct of the Magellan-thingy. Just a thought...


Very intense but great episode! I enjoyed seeing Brent Spiner again, though his character is a nasty pain in the rumpus, and I agree that taking out artifacts to make Artie's life miserable isn't really a good solution to the problem of him using the astrolabe.
Though I am loving this season, I feel that Myka isn't as kick butt or as interesting as she used to be, she seems to be more of a background character now, and what the heck is going on with her hair? It looks so messy and awful all the time! Why? I think that Claudia is going to have to part with Jinksy again because he can't bear the thought of her being hurt every time he's hurt.


anyone know what that black thing was that Artie picked up at the end?


I like the touch that Brother Adrian, in attempting to remove evil, is actually increasing it by releasing artifacts into the populace. I was originally afraid that the producers reanimated Steve only to kill him off again, but now I'm thinking they'll come up with a more satisfying conclusion to ththat storyline. And I'm fascinated by Artie's dilemma; he can't change what he did or the consequences will be so much worse, but what evil has he unleashed? I wonder if the solution will involve telling the truth to the entire team and them acting as a team to solve it. Plus using H.G. Wells to help out. I'm really enjoying this season.


Sorry I didn't get a chance to finish. So she had stop it before it killed them both. I hope now that she knows that she will be working with him trying to find another way or I hope they will be spending more time together and taking about it because she's the only that knows besides Steve. I can't wait till the next episode.


I loved the episdode. I thought it was weird when they switched up teams but I actually liked it they work together great and I hope they do it again sometime. Claudia and Pete's case was cool and funny because they were going around asking people for there marble. Claudia really showed how much she has grown because she really helped Hugo. Pete using a marble to stop poison from killing everyone was great. I agree with Artie he can't change what he did it would be worse because I think it would be better to live in a world where a terrible thing happens and a whole bunch of people die rather than live in a world without hope. When we found out the brother hood was stealing artifacts I thought ok you want to prevent an evil but your stealing artifacts that are probably going to cause much more damage than the evil would. I loved Steve and Mykas case it was good and when they guy was trying to take away steves pain and was killing him he had to tell Myka that it was also killing Claudia so she could stop it. I hope that now Myka nows that little secret she will be helping steve find another way to fix it or be working with him and talking with him about it since she's the only one that

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Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Claudia: why the switch up, you know I'm teamed with Jinks
Artie: This is a job, not a "Choose your own adventure.'

Myka: Artie! Finally you were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago. You're never late. Are you ok?
Claudia: I told them you got hung up telling kids to get off your lawn.
Steve: Maybe you were busy inventing fire.