Weeds Review: First Days on the Job

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It was a big day for all Botwins on this week's episode of Weeds, "Unfreeze."

Shane graduated, while Nancy, Silas and Andy all kicked off new jobs. Despite these fresh starts, however, my reaction to the the installment was unfortunately stale: I'm unimpressed.

Nancy as a Saleswoman

It's the same issue I've harped on for awhile now: there's no flow between episodes. There's no real tension, either.

Weeds just tosses in random individuals and lets its characters react to them. So now Silas and Nancy both have rivals at work... and Andy very easily found himself work... and Shane has some unknown new assignment... and Doug got nabbed trying to run a fake charity, the latest out-of-place storyline for a character I used to adore, and who now just feels like total filler on a weekly basis.

And dumb filler at that. It's one thing to run a scheme. But why would Doug ever have believed this one would work?

Almost as evidence that the show is out of ideas, Nancy landed her big account by sleeping with a doctor. It's the same way she got out of one of her very first drug-dealing dangers, along with pretty much every other difficult situation with which she's been faced. I'm not judging her as a person. I'm judging the writing as repetitive and unsurprising.

Truth be told, if this weren't the final season of Weeds, I'd check out with no regrets. I just can't think of a single storyline that has me excited.

How about you? Am I being too critical? Are you as into Weeds as ever? Or are you also just holding on for the finale, waiting to see how this journey comes to an end?


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Episode was nice. Nancy entered in drug trafficking for her family and not she tries to change her business for a family. Happy see that...


My biggest question is the girl that Silas talked to (his rival's girlfriend) actually Esteban's daughter that he met for a week (she had heroin probs). That could be very exciting.


I liked this episode. I agree with what others said. Nancy wants to change, but most people cannot change. What she has done has worked, ( to a degree), and no matter were you put her, legit or not she reverts back to form.
I too like the family being together aspect of the show now.
I am looking forward to the conclusion. Whatever it is.


I hated that Nancy had to bang her way into a sale, that was truly lame. The only source of tension that I have is the sneaking suspicion that Nancy will end up back with Judah in the end. They just seem to be going out of their way in every episode to remind us that she still has a bullet in her head. That, and she seems to have some sort of weird reaction to random stimuli (laser tag, "did the bullet move?", the smoke alarm....) in a lot of the episodes. That being said, as harsh as I have been on this show over the last few seasons, it did make me feel kind of good seeing the house full again and everyone acting as a family (and that Jill played an insignificant role in this episode. I honestly can't stand her character, and not because I don't like her personality.)Sadly though, at the end of the day, if these weren't half-hour episodes, I'd have bailed out of that camper well before Michigan and never looked back.


While this season isn't anywhere near the level of the first 4 or 5 seasons, it's a vast improvement on season 6 and 7. Also, the whole point that critics seem to be missing about Nancy sleeping with the doctor is not that the writers are out of ideas, but they're trying to show Nancy actually struggling and relapsing into her old self. They're trying to show us that despite her enthusiasm for change and how strong she is, she may not be strong enough to be a different person. Can she be redeemed? Does she even deserve it? Look at her staring off into space eating the apple at the end of the episode, that's self-doubt and self-loathing.


It's almost over! I have been bored for a few seasons now and my whole famy baled years back but I agree it's about Nancy and the gang and where they have been and where thet end up! Let's face it we probably won't Love the ending but not every show can have a perfect ending like Six Feet Under! The best and true to itself series finalle ever!


Dude, this isn't Breaking Bad. The whole reason to watch the show, as it clearly isn't too apparent to you by now, is to follow the characters. It doesn't need gripping tension or backstabbing or cartel or anything else we've already seen them experience. It's all about redemption and how to live life without pushing drugs. And of course how the characters have developed drastically over time. And hey, at least it's not The Killing.


it may not be as good but still worth watching..the nancy andy dynamic is the best..hope they get together after all this time


Yeah...it pains me to say it, but this season has been awful...last season was awful too...should have ended at 6...watching has become a chore more than a pleasure...

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