What's Ahead For Nate and Serena on Gossip Girl?

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Will Serena and Nate rekindle the magic in Gossip Girl Season 6?

There will no doubt be factions of the show's fan base clamoring for that romantic pairing - seen only sporadically through the years - as the CW show prepares to bow out for good this fall.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps, considering that there's still the Dan factor, and especially with a new love interest already cast for her ... interestingly, one Nate is connected to somehow. How?

Serena Under Fire

According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, the newest love interest for S, (played by Barry Watson) reportedly shares a surprising connection with Nate, one that could "land the cougar magnet in [jail]."

Put your thinking caps on and share your theories on that below!

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@melbe I would like to see Blair and Dan like they were in season 4 too. More friendships in general. I don't how they will get Dan and Blair back to being friends again, though.


If there's an endgame for Serena, out of Dan and Nate, I much rather it be Nate. Both guy were sweet with her but now Derena is on a bad note and, frankly, Dan's boring as hell. Always has been. He's now apparently boring and also more of a snide, pseudo intellectual arsehole.


Nate and Serena to happen all over again without any romantic interaction or any hints of them since season 3 would be stupid. Fair enough if they went through a 'will they wont they' phase every season like Dan and Serena have then maybe they'd stand a chance, but season 3 was there time and I can't see it happening again. I liked Nate and Serena in season 3, I really did, but the writers can't forget 5 seasons worth of Derena 'will they won't they' scenes to reconcile Serenate it just couldn't work, especially with only 10 episodes and with there still being unresolved Derena feelings.


NS and CB are endgame! Enough said. Dan can either go to Barcelona, get with Georgina or GTFO.


nate and serena don't have a connection like dan and serena.
derena is just as magical als chair


Melbe.. That sux


SERENATE! This will be the best season if that happens!


My hope for season 6 is probably most unlikely as i want Chuck and Blair to get together and geet married and have a baby and for Serena and Nate to get back together.


I'm so excited about the next season. Wish they bring back Juliet. :)


Can't wait for g.g to come back< I'm so over the chair storyline though, wish we could have seen more of dair.Wish they would bring back Juliet

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