White Collar Review: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

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"Parting Shots?" Hardly! White Collar is only getting started.

Sara Ellis returned, Peter got his job back and the mystery surrounding Neal's father deepened on this week's installment of the USA Network hit.

Neal Investigates His Father

I have to say that I was disheartened by what may or may not be Ellen's premature demise. I was really looking forward to getting some information about her and Neal's time in WITSEC. I certainly didn't want to have her leave so soon.

First, Neal chased after the ghost that was Kate, now he'll be chasing after another ghost named Sam. How will Neal find him, and where will he even begin to look? This story gets more and more intriguing the further we get into it.

One epic aspect of this episode that I can no longer wait to acknowledge was the return of the ever-fabulous Sara. I don't know what it is about that girl, but I just love her. I don't just love her character either. I love her style.

What I think I'm really going to like about Sara's return is their mutual search for who they are to some extent. Sara got into the business of finding things, likely as a result of her sister Emily's sudden disappearance. Now here Neal is looking for someone to tell him the truth about his father. It's something their going to share, if even for a brief time. Word on the street is that Sara's return will only span about three or four episodes this season. Too short if you ask me.

Then there's the fact that Peter finally go this job back! Welcome back to the White Collar division, Peter! We all knew it was coming. We just had to believe it would be sooner rather than later, and with Agent Peterson constantly hounding him, it's no wonder we thought we might have to hold out hope a little bit longer.

How about that case? And to think it all started with Neal's epic heroics to save the beautiful heiress from kidnappers. Way to go, Neal! Their episodic romance was also believable. I actually thought they would make a good couple - at least they would have if Sara hadn't returned.

As much as I hate the idea of Neal having such a weakness for pretty women, Sara is one I wish he would stay with in a long-term relationship somewhere in the future. I really think she gets him, and that's really special.

This hour also saw a lot of guns being pointed at Neal. That was distressing to some fans on Twitter, but I to see Neal keep working through the problem with a cool head was genius.

Other highlights from this episode:

  • Mozzie's eagerness to help Ellen with her Forget-Me-Not's.
  • Sara returning to the show.
  • The impeccable fashion sense Sara brought back with her.
  • Neal, Sara, Elizabeth, Jones, Diana, Peter and Mozzie all celebrating Peter's return to White Collar with a toast. Love seeing the ensemble cast all together at once!

Now we have to wait two weeks to see what's next for our White Collar crew. In the mean time, we can ponder this question: Do you think we've seen the last of Ellen?


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I will tell you what's bothering people about Sara. Her character is supposed to be the Neal version of the insurance retrieval industry but somehow she comes up unequal. That's whats bothering people about
Sara. She is supposed to be the bad ass and she hasn't been bad ass yet and I have seen all her episodes. Compare Michael and Fiona, there is absolutely no question that Fiona can hold her own without Michael becuase the writers wrote her that way. The writers have done a disservice to the character. I seen Neal's girls she comes the closest to having chemisrty the rest were too bland to remember. Rewrite as some Kensi/Fiona character that holds her own and things will pick up for her. But for right now the best relationship Neal has ever had is with Peter,


Mozzie wasn't at party at end. Hope next ep doesn't have Peter arresting Neal for whatever. Show works best when they're friends, not (like Countdown) with Peter trying to "get" Neal for something.


Entertaining. I like Sara in small doses. Neal and the widow could have mad a good couple. "Armstrong?..."or Hand-el-man" "I'd have liked to be Neal Handelman" "Eisenhower!" LOL "What's the worst thing you've ever processed?" "Snakes." "0-o" :)


A couple of things stood out for me, not just from this episode, but the one before: 1) Ellen's remark about there being certain lines James wouldn't cross, and then Peter telling Patterson he was going to cross a line. 2) Holmes's warning to Peter near the end of this episode. They stood out because 1 could also apply to Peter, reinforcing a possibility that hit me in Season 2 that I've mentioned once before: Peter and Neal are brothers, but they don't know it yet, and maybe, just MAYBE, that discovery will be part of the cliffhanger, with the next season dealing with the ramifications of that -- especially if it turns out Kramer knew this from the very beginning. It probably won't turn out to be so, but it's something I've suspected from "What Happens in Burma", especially since we know very little about Peter's parents. I've wondered if his remark to Neal at the end of the episode was a hint that he might've been adopted.


I love Mozzie - I wasn't sure if he was returning to NY or not. I don't love Sara and Neal together. I don't see the chemistry between them. In fact, I saw more chemistry between Neal and the widow than I've ever noticed between Neal and Sara. This season is great. I can't wait to find out more about Neal's past life and his father. p.s. Where's June?


the overall episode was good! Peter coming back to the white collar division was the best part!
Saw the promo of the next episode! a bit confused by it, i mean Peter says we will catch both thieves during the exchange implying that one of them is Neal! hope Neal tries staying on the good side of peter at least for 3 , 4 episodes more! Also Ellen's death is too early in the season,they should hsve at least kept her around for some more episodes!
could any body plz tell me y will they air the next episode2 weeks from nw? y not next week?


The previews pushed the idea that Ellen died but it might just be part of a misdirection have her continue in Federal custody.
I like Sara but think she's ultimately a threat to Neil.
Mozzie is the most engaging character in the series.


I'm surprised to say I didn't hate Sara in this episode. She doesn't have any romantic chemistry with Neal, but they make good friends. While I wouldn't want to see her back as a series regular (her frequent appearances in season 3 were way too contrived) but I'm no longer dreading the 3 or so episodes she's doing this season.


So basically they're repeating season 1-2?
I would like Sara if the character weren't so poorly written. Did anyone actually remember the story about her sister?


I couldn't agree more with you on Sara's return. I don't understand why isn't she a series regular this season as well. She's a perfect part of this show and I hope to see her in every season until the show ends.

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White Collar Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I can't con a widow.


Agent Peterson: Where are you going?
Peter: To cross a line.