Alice in Wonderland: Coming to The CW?!?

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We really wish we were making this up, but...

The CW is reportedly making plans to develop a modern day take on Alice in Wonderland, turning the iconic fairy tale character into a big city detective who discovers an unusual world underneath Los Angeles.

McG would serve as an executive producer, along with writer Chad Hodge (The Playboy Club) and Peter Johnson. Sounds like a can't-miss project, doesn't it?

Alice in Wonderland

The working title for the series is Wunderland and it follows other chatter that the network is also plotting shows around Sleepy Hollow and Wonder Woman.

Dare we even ask if anyone thinks this is a good idea?

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A modern Alice in Wonderland was already done by the SyFy channel as TV movie 'Alice' They need to develop their own ideas, stop regurgitating proven successes.


oh my god...what kind of idea is this?they are obviously doing projects like this and beauty and the beast after they saw once upon a time's success.but don't they get it?they just can't pull it's just another failed attempt.even though the majority of the shows that i watch are from cw their show's just aren't the same anymore.they need to stick with their old shows and try to promote them instead of making all of this new shows!


Ok the CW needs to stop developing new shows and spend the time and money refining current shows and making everything awesome again. This won't do well on this network.


Eu quero assistir e muito bom