Army Wives Renewed For Season 7; Kim Delaney Likely Out

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Army Wives has been renewed for a seventh season by Lifetime, but star Kim Delaney likely won't be returning for the 13-episode run in 2013, according to Deadline. Other cast members are also in limbo.

Nevertheless, the renewal is official, Lifetime and ABC Studios confirmed today.

“Army Wives is a very special program,” Lifetime said in a statement. “It’s rare to find a series that connects with viewers and resonates so powerfully after six seasons, and we couldn’t be prouder to have it return next year.”

This was far from a given; Army Wives' Season 6 finale this summer was certainly tied up in a manner that could have ended the series altogether. Now that it's coming back, the question turns to the characters.

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New cast member Kelli Williams, introduced last season in what many felt was a move to ensure a smooth transition if Delaney were to leave, will be back, along with Catherine Bell, who signed a two-year deal in May.

It's unclear if any other cast members are under agreement to return.

Delaney's departure has not been confirmed by the network. What do you think of Army Wives returning potentially without Claudia Joy? Can it survive without her, or any of the other characters?

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We need all the original cast back. I really look forward to each episode. This should continu . All ways


I have been watching this show since the beginning. I loved it but as a child on air force bases, it was a constant changing of families. So this seems normal.
Lots of families with absolutely nothing in common thrown together in a tough situation for those left behind when soldiers deploy. If you watch and take the real truth into consideration, this story line is closer to the truth. Always new people with new stories moving in and out. This was written by a REAL Army wife.


I hate to see so many cast changes, especially Kim Delaney. I only started watching recently and have watched every episode through season 6. Just started Season 7. It was so cohesive and I loved watching the relationships building among the friends. It's just sad to see people going and new ones coming in that just don't seem to fit.


It's really dam shame they let go what was working great nothing was broken until writer's and exe's all got hungry on cut's benefit the cast was great and these new people does not have the staying compassion to stand as army wive's the orignal should be brought back and claudia joy absoulety should be their with the general and not this brooke shield mess she will be ignored no chemistry what so ever unappreicated decision to change. Bring them back for the show to go forward..


I have been a huge fan of this show from day one....never missed an episode I thought I was the only one who felt like the show was on a decline until I read all of the posts. Now I realize I AM RIGHT. I am sorry but Army Wives now SUCKS. WTF? There is no continuity between the new characters and the old (what's left of them) and the issues they are covering are bubble gum compared to the past seasons. It's almost like they have made the cast a generation or two younger which has given the show an immature storyline. SHAME ON YOU for ruining what was a great drama. I do not enjoy it anymore.


Loved the show from the start, not now! The cast worked so well togethereryone, I am going to miss the show it used to be. Someone made a really BIG mistake in dumping the whole cast all at once.




Have watched the show since day one, never missed. Claudia Joy is everyone's ROCK!!! Kim Delaney is magical on screen, makes youi feel like she is real and a friend you wanted in your corner. Shame on all of you for letting her go, you should have helped instead of turning your back on her. I will try the new crew because being military I know people come ad go on a base, or fort. Your show was loved because of everyone on it, you messed up this time BIGTIME, I don't know how Catherine Bell is handling such a bad decision on your part.


I don't know why Claudia Joy is no longer on Army Wives - the show and the connection is not the same !! I used to look forward to seeing the show but now not so much.


I am also very disappointed that they killed Claudia Joy. The show is really changing and this change may cause the show to loose followers. I don't know if I will watch in the future as I have in the past. This was a really bad choice. I can see Army Wives leaving in the future, the writers are making some really bad choices. And I was a really BIG fan, never missed a show.

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