Army Wives Renewed For Season 7; Kim Delaney Likely Out

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Army Wives has been renewed for a seventh season by Lifetime, but star Kim Delaney likely won't be returning for the 13-episode run in 2013, according to Deadline. Other cast members are also in limbo.

Nevertheless, the renewal is official, Lifetime and ABC Studios confirmed today.

“Army Wives is a very special program,” Lifetime said in a statement. “It’s rare to find a series that connects with viewers and resonates so powerfully after six seasons, and we couldn’t be prouder to have it return next year.”

This was far from a given; Army Wives' Season 6 finale this summer was certainly tied up in a manner that could have ended the series altogether. Now that it's coming back, the question turns to the characters.

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New cast member Kelli Williams, introduced last season in what many felt was a move to ensure a smooth transition if Delaney were to leave, will be back, along with Catherine Bell, who signed a two-year deal in May.

It's unclear if any other cast members are under agreement to return.

Delaney's departure has not been confirmed by the network. What do you think of Army Wives returning potentially without Claudia Joy? Can it survive without her, or any of the other characters?

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I have watched the show from the very beginning and was very upset when I thought the show wasn't coming back. I'm very excited that its coming back in 2013 but I have to say if they don't bring the original cast all back I don't think I'm going to watch. Over the course of the show its kinda like joining a family. I have laughed, loved and cried with them. How could you even think about bringing he show back without the people who made it big. Please bring them back because if you don't the show won't last. I know a bunch of military wives who like the as I am one myself but know that we will not watch if you don't bring the original cast back.


Please don't kill off the original cast. that's what made it a "hit".
The characters meshed, it will not be the same. how disappointing....


i dont think i will keep watching the show if the take off anymore of the cast i like the cast they had when it first started and to keep taking off cast members i think people will stop watching the show


I don't like the original characters to leave the show, I already miss Pamela and Chase. I don't think replacing them with new characters will do any good to the show. Claudia Joy is an important part of the cast and it should stay as it is.


It would be fine without Claudia Joy - but if too many of the original characters leave, it will definitely change the show too much.


i dont want clauida joy to leave or any of the original cast it would be absaloute rubbish without them you cant have them in 6 seasons and then leave it wont be the same without them pleaase please please keep the same cast


Although I love them all, Frank and Denise are my favorite characters so I'm glad it's her coming back :)


Who is kidding, Arny Wives include
ALL the original cast. Lifetime, get it together, such a great show, basiclly stopped watching after Pamela left, not the same. She was such an important member. Claudia Joy, Pamela, Roxy, Denise, Joan (Roland) are the army wives. If one is not there you might as well cancel the show. I do like the new people but without they are not the same, they add to the sho but are not the show. Imagine when they buried Denies son, would it be as emotional without the cast. Think Lifetime and get it together.


I am glad they are bringing Army Wives back and hope it will be able to keep the characters connected to the fans. It is amazing how so many issues covered can be related to anyone having lived the military way of life. My 10 year old grandson watches it and we have had some good discussions on episodes we have watched together i.e.,the episode where Roxy explained how the visitor coming to dinner who was injured would look different and how to acknowledgehim, and also the last episode we had a discussion on deployments and how children cope. Look forward to the new season.


Kim Delaney needs to stay off the show. And I commend Lifetime if they were the ones to do this. She was disgraceful at the event honoring former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. It was a scene that shouldn't have been ignored and she doesn't deserve to be on a show that's depicting military life. Other than that, I hope all the players return...even though I didn't think a transport plane going down was true to facts and/or the fans.

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