Candice Accola Interview: A Future for Klaroline?

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One love interest is considered dead and the other is a mass murderer.

It won't be easy to be Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries Season 4.

In a new interview with The CW, Candice Accola teases her character's upcoming journey, which begins with Caroline on the run and in the dark: she believes Tyler is dead and gone.

What will happen if - or when, based on these Vampire Diaries premiere pics - she finds out the truth, that Klaus has taken over Tyler's body? A long conversation will be afoot, as Accola jokes about here:

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I'm so excited to see Klaroline. Caroline needs to be with Klaus, and not Tyler:)


I love Caroline period. I liked her with Matt. I like her with Tyler. And I am VERY intrigued by the possibility of her with Klaus. BUT I think she would have to be evil or under his influence for her to be with him. He IS a mass murderer after all like Candice said and it would be against her character to be with him after all he's done to her and her friends! But every time I see them on screen together... I keep hoping that the writers will find a way. Even if it's just Klaus putting images in her head like Katherine did to Stephan... Then we could keep Caroline/Tyler and indulge in a little Klaroline!!! ;)


I just love Candince Accola, I´m glad we finely see a spoiler from het again.
I love to see Caroline and Tayler together, so I hope that Klaus doesn´t get between them.

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