Copper Review: Dancing Around The Issue

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After two weeks of being without cable, the TV gods have returned it to me! Thanks to Carissa for covering these past two episodes of Copper while I made some sacrifices to Time Warner Cable.

This week found Corcoran in an uncomfortable situation: a ball. Well, a fancy fundraiser thrown by Elizabeth Haverford and Morehouse, Sr. Francis uncovers that the party is going to be held up by a gang, so Corcoran and friends are assigned to security for the shindig.

Boxing in the 1800s

Honestly, not a lot happened in this episode of Copper. There was a pretty good shootout near the end, but that accounted for all the action.

The biggest plot development was Francis' engagement to Mary Lockwood. Are his feelings for Mary just misplaced mourning for Molly? What do you guys think? Corcoran tried to convince Francis that his feelings for Mary were misplaced but Francis had a pretty good defense – Corcoran is not one to talk when it comes to moving on from things. Check out the Copper quotes page to see Francis' convincing comeback.

With the focus off of a story arc and onto the characters, "La Tempête" did a good job juggling the character stories. The only person that continues to bug me is Annie. It seems that, as a traumatized 10-year old little girl, she would be acting exactly the opposite of how she's portrayed. Frankly, I think it's creepy and I don't understand what the writers are trying to accomplish by shaping her character this way. Any ideas?

Overall, though, I'm coming to think that the standalone episodes, much like in other series like The X-Files, are much more enjoyable than the ones that play into a larger story arc.

A penny for your thoughts:

  • What do you think about Jasper training to be a fighter? Do you think Sarah is right that they don't need to bring more violence into their lives?
  • There was a lot of fancy dressing happening this week, but the real question is: who had the best hat? Elizabeth or Francis?
  • What's going to happen to Annie? Will she stay with Elizabeth or run away to Eva?


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The Annie character has to go. This is basically child pornography and I wish someone would take action. Otherwise, I enjoy this series.


Nightowl - I agree. Have you seen Anatomy and Run Lola Run? She's fantastic.


Franka Poteet, the madam/prostitute was Matt Damon's love interest in the first two Bourne movies. She has Europe box office hits. If the writers do not morph her character into more, they are wasting actress. I'm watching Eva.


DeAnn - Not all children hide away when abused. In fact, many, especially those around puberty, lash out because they believe that they have the right to act as they believe adults act because they've been treated like adults. Also, keep in mind the time period that the show is portraying. Children were expected to take on more adult responsibilities and act more adult-like earlier in life. I think that's why I don't find Annie's behavior unbelievable at all.


Annie is definitely eerie. Aside from that bothersome tone I enjoyed the episode. The arcs are well built and make for easy watching. ★★★ TV


Oh, and I think Francis had the better hat. Also, I think his engagement is just rebounding from the death of Molly. And I may be alone in this, but I really dislike the Madam/prostitute who is in love with Corky and who does everything in her power to get rid of any competition for his affections...she is crude and nasty and obviously thinks murder is perfectly fine. Her skin always has a sheen of grease on it, and she has bad teeth, and is not really good looking at all, and I think Corky could do much better than her. I sincerely hope that Annie doesn't end up trying to be a prostitute at her place again. And I think that Jasper would be good at fighting, but I agree with Sarah that they don't need more violence in their lives.


I agree with the reviewer that Annie, as a physically and emotionally abused child should be behaving much differently than she does, especially since sexual abuse at a young age tends to make girls feel that they have no value and are damaged goods, so they often retreat into some actions that make them feel safe and where they can hide. Annie doesn't act like she has any emotional wounds at all from being raped, abused and killing a man (and losing her sister). She is creepy, evil and acts overly sexual to an embarrassing degree every time she gets near an adult male, which is sad and sickening to watch. She is one of the few flaws in an otherwise excellent show. I love Corky (he's gorgeous and smart) and I enjoyed this episode because they showed his chemistry with Elizabeth, which is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Lindsey kempton

Nightowl, I agree that it seems like Annie is just being used as a tattletale child to help the writers out, but I also like J.'s point that she's only using behavior that has helped her survive. An interesting mix there. Also, fortyseven is totally right - Francis did have the nicer hat.


Annie disturbed me in the beginning, too. Now I think a tattletale child is a writer's gift to get info out quickly. The rich and poor would otherwise not gossip among each other. Annie enjoys the attention of men and sex. Maybe child mind cannot reflect/repent the consequences of adult lifestyle.... but someday! It was disappointing in beginning to see Franka Poteet, a great actress, just laying in bed. Finally her character gives us an OMG moment by killing Molly. Shows rely on smut too much but I guess smut sells. Surely, New York had some happiness in 1860s. Fearfully, Plot is shaping into a horrific end for Corcoran's child.


If not for the twin sister plot, I would have thought that Annie was older than she looked or pretended. Given that's not the case, I think the writers are simply portraying her as someone who grew up mentally far too quickly. She may even have a personality disorder. She certainly didn't seem dismayed at all by killing her sister's murderer/rapist and she sees herself as a grown woman. Given her previous profession, she probably has also learned from the best, so to speak, how to act or behave to survive which is likely why she sounds childlike one moment and adult the next. Playing off her experiences with both to get her way or to make a point.

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Copper Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Police chief: Friday just happens to be the one night my men work gratis. You're a lucky woman.
Elizabeth: All widows are.

You ain't got no right coming back expecting everything to be the same. Go make your life, like I'm doing.

Francis [to Corcoran]