Cote de Pablo Teases What's Next For Tiva on NCIS

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NCIS Season 10 kicks off September 25, and the premiere promises to be worth the wait.

Perhaps first and foremost among the many burning questions heading into the new season? What's next for Ziva and Tony, a pair whose chemistry has been off the charts since she was first introduced, but whose relationship status has sparked strong debate in recent years among the show's fan base.

Cote de Pablo (Ziva) recently spoke to Hitfix about her character and that very subject.

On the subject of whether Tony and Ziva will get together, she said:

A Ziva David Photo

"I don't know, but it's definitely going to be more explored. [Fans] want more things to happen between these characters. And I think the writers are on board, and they want more things to happen. And I think it will."

On where we pick up when NCIS Season 10 begins:

"Well, the cliffhanger is that we were stuck in an elevator. The bomb exploded and the next thing you know we're on the floor. Nothing else is seen. So, we have no idea what happened."

"The beginning of this year, we're still stuck in an elevator - you find us there - and we have a nice little bit in the elevator, which is so much fun."

On her on-screen chemistry with Michael Weatherly:

"Ironically, the writers just saw the chemistry between these two characters, and they were like, we've gotta do more of this, and Michael [Weatherly] and I jumped. Of course you have to do more of this! This is what we love to do, so hopefully they're going to have more scenes and explore that relationship more. It's always fun for us."

"We embrace it all, and whenever there is tension between the characters, Michael and I take distance from each other. We do; it just happens naturally. It just does. And whenever we have to be more connected, we just naturally come together. It's really funny. So right now we're getting together, and I think the writers are going, oooh, look at the chemistry there, and he and I are like, it's always been there. You just have to seize it. Always."  

Do you want to see Tony and Ziva get together on NCIS?

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Keep the sexual tension, don't let them get together! That's what makes it fun. Or - as with REMMINGTON STEELE - don't let them get together until the last episode.


The worst episodes for me were the one which stared JLC that woman really got to me with her smug smile and know it all attitude, Gibbs must of been desperate for a woman to have anything to do with her, lets hope she does not appear in any of season 10 episodes, now for Tiva bring it on, I know for a fact they wont all this talk of Tiva is just all hype for the show.


this the best news I heard all day Tiva rocks


Oh, I didn't care much for Newborn King......but I loved A Desperate Man. Cote is so right......and Michael Weatherly has stated in the past about their amazing chemistry with each other and with their co-stars. It is indeed very rare, as Svenja said! I just love watching Tony and Ziva connect on screen with each other and with the other characters. I'm looking forward to Season 10 even more. Looks like there will be many compelling stories for the ensemble cast!! Bring it on, I'm ready for Season 10!!!! :-)


I just hope we don't get a other "Newborn King" or "A Desperate Man" those were the wores NCIS episodes ever


Sounds amazing. They are really my favourite "romantic" duo on television. The whole cast is full of amazing chemistry and these two have a very special thing going on. I am looking forward to seeing more of it, but I also hope that other dyanamics will be explored too in S10. But she is right, if you have such a chemistry on a TV show you should capitalize on it because it is really rare. The whole ensemble is rare. I am ready for season 10 :) I loved what CdP said. This entire cast is amazing..


Oh yeah! Dreams come true!!! *-*


Man sound a lot like the whole desperate housewives issue I mean I find it Ironically that Michael [Weatherly] would jump on these considerng it what killed his last show, he was on and put him out of work for a couple of year after Dark Angle eneded. But these so call chemistry between these two characters I have to say where does it end do we hook Abby and Gibbs Mcgee with Vance. I just feel if they do these then they are heading down a slipper slump because then people when you only certria you show to a small number of people and forget the rest of the fanbase your show is fuck. BESIDE what will happen next Abby and Gibbs who by the way have WAY more chemistry between each other then Ziva and Tony unless you call making tony a waterdown verison of himself making him weak and treating him like a dirt and given Ziva superwoman like skills Love then somebody better tell the gay people that show they know what they are getting into. I believe these is why so many people have stop watching NCIS and TV as a whole because of crap like these I truly believe NCIS need to end if these is how they are going to treat long time fans like me

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