Cote de Pablo Teases What's Next For Tiva on NCIS

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NCIS Season 10 kicks off September 25, and the premiere promises to be worth the wait.

Perhaps first and foremost among the many burning questions heading into the new season? What's next for Ziva and Tony, a pair whose chemistry has been off the charts since she was first introduced, but whose relationship status has sparked strong debate in recent years among the show's fan base.

Cote de Pablo (Ziva) recently spoke to Hitfix about her character and that very subject.

On the subject of whether Tony and Ziva will get together, she said:

A Ziva David Photo

"I don't know, but it's definitely going to be more explored. [Fans] want more things to happen between these characters. And I think the writers are on board, and they want more things to happen. And I think it will."

On where we pick up when NCIS Season 10 begins:

"Well, the cliffhanger is that we were stuck in an elevator. The bomb exploded and the next thing you know we're on the floor. Nothing else is seen. So, we have no idea what happened."

"The beginning of this year, we're still stuck in an elevator - you find us there - and we have a nice little bit in the elevator, which is so much fun."

On her on-screen chemistry with Michael Weatherly:

"Ironically, the writers just saw the chemistry between these two characters, and they were like, we've gotta do more of this, and Michael [Weatherly] and I jumped. Of course you have to do more of this! This is what we love to do, so hopefully they're going to have more scenes and explore that relationship more. It's always fun for us."

"We embrace it all, and whenever there is tension between the characters, Michael and I take distance from each other. We do; it just happens naturally. It just does. And whenever we have to be more connected, we just naturally come together. It's really funny. So right now we're getting together, and I think the writers are going, oooh, look at the chemistry there, and he and I are like, it's always been there. You just have to seize it. Always."  

Do you want to see Tony and Ziva get together on NCIS?

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Cote de Pablo is one of the most beautiful & talented actresses on TV today. Ziva David is one of the most interesting characters to come along in a long, long time. She oozes chemistry with the entire cast, but especially with Michael Weatherly. She is loved by millions of fans, the cast, the crew, the writers @ the powers that be at CBS. Can't wait to see how her character develops during season 10, from all the spoilers that Gary Glasberg has shared, it looks to be a big season for Ziva & Tiva, and this fan couldn't be happier


It seems the show has sabotaged the Ziva character themselves, made her so unlikeable an untrustworthy that fans backlashed on her, so than wrote her down to a character who is more like a dog doing tricks.....not to mention that they always pair MW with stunningly beatiful women liek Jeanne and Dana and then go and give Ziva an ugly bug like Ray......its like they are purposely trying to make Ziva seem more ugly than she already is by comparing her to beautiful women.


Cote de Pablo sucks! Bottom line! the show would be better off without here, she has noooooooooooooo chemistry with anyone........... she's become sort of fat faced freak who yells everything she says, no substance to her character what so ever.....


Oh, and for the record Michael, NCIS averaged 19.6 million viewers last season and 19.3 for Season 8. So they still seem to be drawing viewers long after Season's 6 and 7.


Finally, in interviews that he gave not long after de Pablo joined the show, DPB admitted that one of the reasons why she was hired was because of the fantastic chemistry she had with MW. Which, he said, would come in handy down the road, which would seem to indicate his intention at pairing them up at some point. Indeed, in the interview and commentary section on the Season 4 DVD, he comments on one of the developments of that season, the strong feelings that Ziva is developing for Tony. You can dismiss anything that contradicts what you say as "lies" Michael, but considering the fantasy world you live in, I'll take that as a compliment.


First of all Michael, if you are going to refer to ratings, refer to up to date ratings. CSI hasn't had 21 million viewers per episode in a long, long time. Fact is, they are staring cancellation in the face. Miami is gone, NY is lucky to still be here. It and the mother ship may be gone after this season. Secondly, if you go back and take a look at the interview section on the NCIS Season 1 DVD, you will see where DPB voices his observations on and fascination with the fact that so many real life NCIS agents are in relationships with each other. And he said that was something he determined there and then that he was going to address at some point along the way.


sorry i meant csi not cm,my mistake


i heard if CM doesntstart getting more viewers this will be the last season


ncis is the number 1 show with an average of 20million viewers CM pulls in about 9million which makes it no where near ncis.


@SAM pulling the old pulling in 19 million to 20 million viewers bullcrap even though the last time NCIS had 20 million viwers was back when everyone though Ziva was dead. But you keeping thinking that it matters so I guess you still think CSI is a good show too because they pull in 21 million viewers even though most of it is TVO or people recording it to watch it later. And your wrong about Tony and Ziva too because she was not in season 1 or 2 so stop with your lies and accpted the fact that the shipper are the reason NCIS is number 5 on the most watch show of the year instead of number 1

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