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At the end of "Glass Spider," Annie Walker went back and forth on one of the most difficult decisions of her life, and then she was shot in the chest by a woman who has been integral in her decision-making for the better part of this season.

Sarah Clarke... you got us again! Maybe everyone and their brother saw this coming - heck, I even mentioned it in my review of the season three premiere because of Clarke's past as dirty 24 agent Nina Myers - but Lena was so good to Annie that I didn't predict it to ever end like this.

Will Annie Bring in Simon?

A couple shots to the chest?  Sure, Lena came in and took out Simon. That I get, but taking out her own quasi-protégé while she's at it? I was stunned. And I was absolutely devastated. What did she have in that file that she gave to Arthur?!?What other than Annie's love for Simon could be so incriminating?  Unless it's made up information, which will make me hate Lena even more!

If intensive care or a coma is where Annie is heading in the near future, it's a shame, because Piper Perabo was fantastic in "Glass Spider." Before Annie was lit up like a Christmas tree, she made that tough decision to leave everything behind and run away with Simon. Then she changed her mind and decided to head back into the DPD.

Watching her toil with that decision was exhilarating. I know the entire series is about Annie being a spy, but Perabo was so good in those moments that I continued to wonder what the girl was actually going to do. I bought it hook, line and sinker that she truly wanted to get the heck out of dodge and live a whole new life with Simon.

The Annie and Simon dynamic has been great all season long, and it will be missed if the latter is dead from his shots to the chest. It's funny how the guest player is most surely gone while the leading actress is certainly not going to die from what seemed like very similar injuries.

Luckily, we'll probably never lose the Annie and Auggie relationship, which is still just as great. Because she had been keeping her best friend out of the loop on all of the Simon business, this hour was filled with plenty of emotional words, silences, and glances. When he found out that she destroyed the microphone, and simply asked her if she loved Simon, my allergies really started to act up. It was just more powerful stuff from the dynamic duo of Chris Gorham and Perabo.

"Glass Spider" was extremely tense overall. Between the initial mission at Jai's safe house, the meet at the mall and Annie's final rendezvous with Simon, I was on the edge of my seat through the majority of the hour.

That's when Covert Affairs is clicking on all cylinders. When the tension and emotion are both so high that your heart feels like it's going to beat out of your chest... that's great television. I got there tonight. Did you?

Since they still don't know who was behind Jai's murder, Lena went rogue, and Annie may or may not be in both health and professional trouble, there should be plenty to enjoy next week on Covert Affairs. How can we wait seven whole days?


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To S, I believe he is indeed dead. Lena would surely have shot him a third time if he was still alive when she checked his pulse.


seriously annie is the single worst spy i have ever seen. HOW are they still pretending she's the best agent they have? She systematically falls for evil guys- 'simon's an upstanding guy'; come on, he's an international terrorist! Falling in love with your evil asset is not being an effective spy. this storyline better be over, could not be more sick of it

@ kay

I agree with you, she is by far one of the worst spies ever who always gets caught and let her emotion get in the way


Excellent review. I couldn't have said it better. I think the episode was great. Best season ever. There was exactly zero future for two rogue spies on a deserted island. Annie was right, they wouldn't have lasted a month. Having her in a relationship with an ex-FSB agent would be the end of her career with the CIA, and the end of the series. Alas, some viewers don't understand that. I can hardly wait for the next episode. The only thing that 'really' REALLY bothers me is the stupid gun they have Annie using. I've fired one of those. They are big, bulky, about like trying to conceal a softball on your person, and have a trigger pull like trying to bend rebar. I can't think of a worse handgun to inflict on someone in a fight for their life, especially someone with small hands. They must be getting paid to have her using it as an advertising thing because other than that, there is no excuse for it. Walther PPS, Glock 26, SIG P238 (which she could easily hide on her person even with the clothes she wears in the show), Springfield XDs, even the Walther PPK/S she used in last season's finale, and on and on are all better choices. Not only that, it's the same model revolver she took from the assassin who tried to kill she and Auggie in the elevator. What is this? All spies have suddenly gone brain dead when it comes to choosing handguns? At least Simon's made sense.


Is Simon dead or what?? I looked into the next episodes and he is no longer a guest!! Is he really dead?? Is anyone ever really dead on covert affairs??


JAI not Ben. Jai is alive right?


Wow wow wow best episode of CA yet. Lena Lena Lena (I never watched 24) but knew there was something fishy about her. Is it possible Lena forged documents to implicate Annie? The preview for next week was to vague (of course it always is) Lastly: Ben is still alive right? Right? :)


To say that I was shocked at the events of last night's episode is an understatement. I was shocked and bummed.
Although, I began to suspicion Lena's motives when she closed the cover of the booklet when Annie walked in her office. After, she spoke w/Annie she walked into Arthur's office with obvious lies about Annie. Never, never saw it coming that Lena is a double spy. It didn't take a long time for me to start disliking Lena, and now I can't stand her!! She's definitely a character that has no heart and doesn't care about anyone.
I didn't expect a good end for Simon and Annie, however I never expected Lena to kill him!!! I am bummed about that - Annie and Simon had great chemistry and with a sense of humor. It was hilarious when Simon told her that he knew she was a spy pretty much from the start of their relationship. I guess the challenge and the mystery of Annie got to him.
I hope that Lena is discovered before she does more damage at the agency.
This episode was the best of the season hands down!


This episode was freaking crazy. When she shot Simon I was shocked and thought the episode would end there, I nearly changed the channel. But then I saw her turn the gun on Annie and shoot her I literally screamed. I could not believe it, it was impossible. This goes right up there with things I did not see coming on tv. It was WOW.


Great Episode. Hubby and I didn't see this coming. I throughly enjoyed the chemistry between Simon and Annie. Annie and Auggie will never be together, just a lot of sexual tension. The next 2 episodes, I hope, will be equally as good. This has turned out to be one of my favorites.


Disappointed in the loss of Simon; I wish he and Annie had that small bit of time to be happy the way she did with Ben (but both with an awareness of who they were really with). I feel they could have taken off but while gone, she and Simon figure out Lena was the double agent and come back to expose her. At that point if Simon were to leave/die, I feel their story would be more complete. I hope now that they have Annie mourn for him and not just move on right away – they did love each other, regardless of the circumstances keeping them apart.

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