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At the end of "Glass Spider," Annie Walker went back and forth on one of the most difficult decisions of her life, and then she was shot in the chest by a woman who has been integral in her decision-making for the better part of this season.

Sarah Clarke... you got us again! Maybe everyone and their brother saw this coming - heck, I even mentioned it in my review of the season three premiere because of Clarke's past as dirty 24 agent Nina Myers - but Lena was so good to Annie that I didn't predict it to ever end like this.

Will Annie Bring in Simon?

A couple shots to the chest?  Sure, Lena came in and took out Simon. That I get, but taking out her own quasi-protégé while she's at it? I was stunned. And I was absolutely devastated. What did she have in that file that she gave to Arthur?!?What other than Annie's love for Simon could be so incriminating?  Unless it's made up information, which will make me hate Lena even more!

If intensive care or a coma is where Annie is heading in the near future, it's a shame, because Piper Perabo was fantastic in "Glass Spider." Before Annie was lit up like a Christmas tree, she made that tough decision to leave everything behind and run away with Simon. Then she changed her mind and decided to head back into the DPD.

Watching her toil with that decision was exhilarating. I know the entire series is about Annie being a spy, but Perabo was so good in those moments that I continued to wonder what the girl was actually going to do. I bought it hook, line and sinker that she truly wanted to get the heck out of dodge and live a whole new life with Simon.

The Annie and Simon dynamic has been great all season long, and it will be missed if the latter is dead from his shots to the chest. It's funny how the guest player is most surely gone while the leading actress is certainly not going to die from what seemed like very similar injuries.

Luckily, we'll probably never lose the Annie and Auggie relationship, which is still just as great. Because she had been keeping her best friend out of the loop on all of the Simon business, this hour was filled with plenty of emotional words, silences, and glances. When he found out that she destroyed the microphone, and simply asked her if she loved Simon, my allergies really started to act up. It was just more powerful stuff from the dynamic duo of Chris Gorham and Perabo.

"Glass Spider" was extremely tense overall. Between the initial mission at Jai's safe house, the meet at the mall and Annie's final rendezvous with Simon, I was on the edge of my seat through the majority of the hour.

That's when Covert Affairs is clicking on all cylinders. When the tension and emotion are both so high that your heart feels like it's going to beat out of your chest... that's great television. I got there tonight. Did you?

Since they still don't know who was behind Jai's murder, Lena went rogue, and Annie may or may not be in both health and professional trouble, there should be plenty to enjoy next week on Covert Affairs. How can we wait seven whole days?


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Wow! Last nights episode was AMAZING!!! I knew all along Lena would end up betraying Annie and the CIA somehow. Just never imagined this! I figured Simon would get grievously injured/killed and I also figured it'd be to save Annie's life, but I NEVER in my wildest spy dreams ever imagined Lena would also gun down Annie! All that being said... Terrific acting by the entire cast this episode. Piper was, once again, at the top of her game and the chemistry between her and Richard will be sorely missed. As for Christopher, he, once again, nailed the nuances of facial expression and emotions that come with playing a blind man. And Sarah was fantastic. We all knew it was coming, but I don't think I could've expected just how far Lena was gonna go. Peter was amazing too. I think Arthur truly was trying to bring a small amount of comfort to Henry. From what we've seen, while he may not have liked Jai, Arthur still respected the man. I do wish they would utilize Kari more. She's probably my favorite one there. I love her as the boss taking charge. This season she's been back-burnered and that saddens me. I was hoping for greater confrontation with Lena on how she used Annie. After all, Joan was willing to go head to head with Arthur, her husband and boss, about how he used Annie to get to Ben Mercer in Season 1. Oh well... Maybe Joan'll end up kicking Lena's ass in the next episode! Here's hoping!


I am not shocked, more disappointed. I liked Simon and Simon and Annie. Simon and their relationship brought something back to the show that had been missing. I don't believe that Annie and Auggie are meant to be together. They are good friends. Anything else is contrived. There is nothing wrong with friendship. There is no hot chemistry betewen them. USA should reconsider if they have killed Simon and bring him back next season. He was definitely an asset to the show.


That was easily the best episode of the season thus far. I wasn't a huge Simon fan though I found him more intriguing towards the end, but I felt sympathy when he died. My annoyance with Simon was more so my annoyance with Annie for falling for him in that way that she does. I'm not the least bit surprised about Lena. She's cutthroats a renegade and her uber feminism grated my nerves because she had a way of putting other women down in the process . Annie was the up and coming and Lena couldn't lose her reputation to the next generation of female spies. The intensity of this episode was insane and the turmoil of the Annie and Auggie dynamic was riveting.


Well, someone at Covert Affairs must be reading these reviews........last night HAD TO have been the ABSOLUTE best episode in the history of the show. I suspect that there's only a couple of episodes left of the season. I suspect we'll be left hanging on it seeming like Annie is a traitor thanks to Lena. Why did Lena do what she did? Her being Jai's sister is an interesting theory. I think Jai's father knows a lot more than he's telling Arthur or Auggie and he is loving playing this little game with them since he has nothing else to do while in jail. Of course Annie will be alright(although I think it will be a SLOW recovery), she's the lead character and I've seen nothing about this show ending or Piper leaving. Still not fond of Simon-they could have found a better looking guy. I knew Annie wouldn't take off with him. Whether she admits it or not, she has feelings for Auggie.


I think we'll find out that this whole plot was because Lena's secret twin sister was killed being a double agent by the husband of someone she killed... Lena's revenge against the CIA and US Intel because of it...


While I agree with the comment above that Simon hasn't been on this show long enough, I think his character made a big enough impact (at least on me) to feel real sympathy for the guy. He was mysterious, sexy and had great chemistry with Annie (although I love Annie and Auggie together, too!). Can you imagine how crappy Annie's going to feel when she wakes up and realizes that Simon's gone? That she "failed" as a CIA agent because her instincts about Lena were wrong. That guilt is going to drive us into the rest of the season as she tries to cope. The "bratty teenager" we were seeing in the earlier episodes is about to get a rude awakening.


couple of thoughts:
Simon hasn't been around long enough that losing him feels like a tragedy. I never really cared for this storyline or understood why someone who spies for a living would let themselves have feelings for this guy. I mean isn't that spy 101. I knew Lena was a double agent when she encouraged Annie to have sex with Simon. BTW, Joan never trusted this woman and she was right. Why isn't Annie in trouble for her last rogue mission? Bring back Danielle, I miss her.


what if Sarah Clarke is character is Jari sister and the reason she did all of these was to get back at her father for leaving her. I wonder if they will keep Sarah Clarke character or if she will be killed off at the end of the season I hope she stay she was sweet I will say I think they are going to go the burn Notice route but I hope not. The look on Annie face after that guy killed himself was so sad I wanted to hug her


Really, the only thing that can save this show going forward is that the entire season has been some kind of morphine-induced hallucination by a hospital ridden Jai, at which point Sendhil Ramamurthy returns to play an intelligence officer with the acerbic personality (and wit) of Gregory House. And then Annie gets hit by a bus. That'd help too.


... your scripts. Strike Back, which is on Skinemax, has better plotting and characterization in the midst of all the tits and explosions.

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